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What will I do with my Nook Simple Touch now?
February 19, 2014 | 10:25 am

nook simple touchI wonder if my Nook Simple Touch will become a collector’s item. Most likely, it will just be exactly what it is now – a gadget collecting dust with the battery killed off long ago. I haven’t used my NST in months, maybe even a year. So, it was not surprising when I read on The Digital Reader that Barnes & Noble discontinued the Nook Touch. I didn’t have any major issues with my NST, but once I got my Google Nexus 7 two summers ago, it became my little computer away from my laptop, including an e-reader, RSS reader, Candy Crusher, Facebook...

Refurbished Nook Simple Touch: $40 on eBay
September 24, 2013 | 4:48 am

If you’re looking for a good cheap e-reader, an eBay seller is running a $40 with free shipping special on refurbished Nook Simple Touch units. This is B&N’s 2011 model, a 6” 800x600 unlit Pearl e-ink reader that can do EPUB, including Barnes & Noble’s and Adobe Digital Editions’ DRM. It has 2 GB of onboard storage, plus an SD card slot for loading more media. If you’re invested in Barnes & Noble’s content ecosystem (for example, you have a lot of e-books from eReader/Fictionwise that got imported to B&N after it shut those stores down), or just want something...

Is the Smartwatch Trend Heralding a New Type of E-Reader?
July 18, 2013 | 11:45 am

smartwatchExcitement over the new trend toward smartwatches seems to be reaching a crescendo, with Apple’s rumored iWatch supposedly due to debut in 2014, while Sony brings out the latest generation of its less-than-rhapsodically-received Android SmartWatch series, startup Pebble retails its own customizable e-paper watch, and almost every device vendor from Microsoft and Samsung on down is supposedly working on touch-sensitive wearable devices. But could you read a book on one? Hardware shouldn't be much of a barrier, in principle. Memory, battery life, display technology, and touchscreen interactivity have long ago converged at the point where something at least as capable as a...

UK Nook Simple Touch fire sale smoulders on
July 10, 2013 | 9:45 am

The news of Barnes & Noble sacking its CEO and discontinuing production of its Nook line of readers doesn't seem yet to have dented appetites for the devices, with enthusiasts scouring retailers and online shopping sites for remaining examples. Following a savage discounting round in the UK in May-June, the Nook Simple Touch has been one of the most sought-after items on the British hit list, retailing at around £29.00 ($43.20). Proclaims one poster on the Forums: "1000 Nook STRs in UK Argos Warehouse for 32 pounds." Another replies: "Asda Direct have them stock with free delivery to a local store for £29 for...

E-Reader Price War Breaks Out in UK as Kobo Chases Nook Down
June 17, 2013 | 9:15 am

KoboWHSmith, the UK high street bookstore and stationery chain, has hit a new low in e-reader retailing—price-wise—with a deal on the Kobo Mini e-reader for just £29.99 ($47.07), down from its original £49.99 ($78.45) retail price. WHSmith, known to Brits as just Smiths, is also handing out £5.00 ($7.85) gift vouchers on till receipts to take the price down even further, to £24.99 ($39.22). This compares to a current U.S. price for the Kobo Mini of $79.99 at BestBuy, and follows a similar cut on the Nook Simple Touch last month to £29.00 which led to the device selling out at...

On my honeymoon, I fell in love all over again… with my e-reader (and my wife, of course)
May 2, 2013 | 3:30 pm

e-readerI hope you'll pardon me as I jog my ocean air- and sun-addled brain back into something resembling normal functioning with a story from my just-ended honeymoon. On Saturday, my newly minted wife and I got back from Tulum, Mexico, where we spent a week on the beach relaxing and—if we're being completely honest—recovering from the exhausting, months-long process of planning and throwing, as a friend described it, the biggest party we'll ever throw. In anticipation of this rare week-long block of reading time (electricity is limited in Tulum and, as a result, so, gloriously, are televisions), I'd loaded up my Nook...

Study shows tablets continue to overtake e-readers
April 8, 2013 | 12:00 pm

tabletsMy e-reader sits on the bookshelf, dust growing on it every day. My Nook Simple Touch used to be one of my favorite gadgets—I carried it everywhere, even just to sneak a couple of pages here and there. I’ve replaced my e-reader with a tablet. I ordered a Nexus 7 last July (a birthday present) when the first batch was ready to hit the market. I use it to surf the 'net, check Facebook and Twitter, play games and, of course, read. I’m definitely not the only one. The Book Industry Study Group recently released information from the Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey...

Barnes & Noble giving away Simple Touch e-reader with purchase of Nook HD+ tablet
March 23, 2013 | 9:38 am

You're probably wondering why I didn't trumpet "Deal Alert" in my headline on this "great" deal, which by the way, runs from March 24 to the end of the month. Because it's a terrible idea and the wrong approach to their problem. Yes, B&N: We know you purchased too much inventory over the holidays. Your sales weren't what you hoped for, and now you have warehouses full of Nooks, gathering dust. So you're giving them away. This move reeks of desperation. It telegraphs lack of confidence in your current business model. (Not that you haven't telegraphed it enough over the past few...

Show off your baseball pride with e-reading accessories
February 15, 2013 | 10:00 am

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training this week. For baseball fans, this marks the beginning of a rocky ride with tumultuous feelings that crush or elevate you throughout a season. And it’s wonderful. But what baseball fans love are ways to show their pride. Nothing says you’re a big New York Yankees fan than having an outlandish tattoo somewhere on your body. However, there are easier and less painful ways to show off your team pride. Companies have created several types of baseball-themed e-reading accessories, including covers for some of the more popular tablets. Look at this hard shell case for Kindle Fire...

A Nook Owner Tests the Kindle Platform; How HuffPo Is Making Money Off Comments
January 29, 2013 | 12:00 pm

  By Brian Howard and James Sturdivant I own a Nook Simple Touch. Maybe it's because I root for underdogs or maybe it's because I chafe at platform lock-in and proprietary file formats, but I've been quite happy with life on the B&N ebook platform. Then, on Friday, Amazon announced its Stephen King Kindle Single exclusive, "Guns." In the short essay, King, whose book Rage had been linked to several instances of school violence, weighs in on the gun control issue. (King penned Rage as a high schooler. The book was published under his Richard Bachman pseudonym and has since been taken out of print  at the author's request.) I forked over the 99...

Dear Author reviews the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight
June 8, 2012 | 9:50 am

GL box 150x150 Here's a snippet.  Full review is here. I just received a review unit from B&N and hope to have a review up sometime next week. The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight™ (hereinafter the Nook GL) is the first e-ink reader with a built-in light since the Sony 700. The Sony was a great idea, poorly executed. Since then those of us who read in bed or in other places with low light have had to make do with clip-on lights, lights with built-in covers, or bright lamps that annoy the people around us. I’ve tried all of the above, in many...

Harry Mccracken goes hands on with the Nook GlowLIght
April 13, 2012 | 9:12 am

Images From an article in Time Techland: ... Illuminated E Ink isn’t a new idea: Sony released one of its Readers with a lit screen back in 2009. But in that version, the lighting hurt the clarity of the screen. The company dropped the feature in later models. Judging from my demo of the Nook with GlowLight, Barnes & Noble has figured out how to make the idea make sense. This Simple Touch is essentially the same as its appealing predecessor — which remains available — except that when you press and hold the e-reader’s “N” button, LEDs along the edge of the display...