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Recently flashed CyanogenMod on Nook. How’d it go?
July 30, 2014 | 10:22 am

nexusae0_cmthumb1I'd been meaning to wipe my Nook HD and install Cyanogen Mod 11 for some time now, but the process intimidated me. Then Chris went and created a user friendly guide. A little more than a week ago, I got up the nerve to give it a try. It worked (after a couple of heart-in-the-throat moments), and I thought I'd write up my impressions, both of the process and the results. Let me start by saying if you aren't comfortable messing with technology, you probably shouldn't try this without help. I am fairly tech-savvy, and I had a few bad moments....

How to upgrade the Nook HD to Kit Kat with Cyanogenmod
May 31, 2014 | 4:59 pm

Screenshot_2014-05-31-16-44-33Ever since I got my Nexus 7, my Nook HD has been kind of languishing. I’d upgraded it to the most recent Jelly Bean Cyanogenmod version a while back, but I was curious: what might Kit Kat be like on it? Could I run it? Given that I had the Nexus, I wasn’t in danger of losing my only Android tablet solution if I screwed it up, so I figured, why not break me off a piece? I found some not terribly user-friendly instructions, puzzled my way through them, and commenced. It worked for me, so I’m going to tell you...

Morning Roundup: Budget Tablets to Launch at CES, Using Nook HD Outside the USA and more
January 3, 2014 | 9:00 am

budget tabletsPolaroid, E-Fun to Launch Tablets at CES 2014 (The Digital Reader) CES 2014 is only 4 days away and it’s pretty clear that there will be a bounty of budget tablets on display. *** How to Use Your Nook HD or HD+ Outside the USA (GoodeReader) If you live outside of those two countries you will have a fairly difficult time getting yourself up and running. Today, we look at what you need to do to use the Nook HD and HD+ outside the USA or overseas. *** McSweeney’s & The Paris Review Offer Joint Subscription Deal (GalleyCat) McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern and The Paris Review have teamed...

Weekend Roundup: Dragon Tattoo Series To Be Continued, Nook HD Get Update and more
December 22, 2013 | 11:24 am

dragon tattoo seriesThe Girl With The Bank Account Tattoo (Mike Cane's xBlog) This bad news just in via @sarahw on Twitter: Quercus to publish fourth book in Larsson’s Dragon Tattoo series *** Social Media Companies Really Need To Get Better At ... Social Media (ReadWrite) When social media companies change important functions without notice, they risk social backlash from users—often enough, a backlash transmitted by the company's own platforms. *** New Update for Nook HD Adds Adverts, Accessibility, and Dutch/French/German Dictionaries (The Digital Reader) B&N rolled out an update for their beleaguered Android tablets this week and included a surprise bonus. *** As Amazon’s Stock Hits All-Time High, Warehouse Issues Under Scrutiny (All Things D) If you’re an Amazon...

Hello Android; Goodbye iPod Touch and iPad
December 2, 2013 | 6:25 pm

GEDC1592A couple of years ago, I wrote about how there was no good Android iPod Touch alternative. Then a couple of months ago, I discussed the possibility that the best iPod Touch alternative might be cheap Android smart phone. Shortly after that, I finally took the plunge into going Android all the way. I had experimented with Android before that, of course. I had an inexpensive Zeepad for several months before breaking the screen. It was almost unusably slow, but intriguing enough that I wanted to try a real Android experience. So, as chronicled here already, I picked up a cheap...

Factory-Refurbished 8-Inch Nook HD Android Tablet now $70 on eBay
October 25, 2013 | 12:32 pm

GEDC1556 Remember that 8” Nook HD refurb I got a couple of months ago? An eBay seller has a “limited quantity” of factory-refurbished units available at the amazing price of $70 each. (Just over 1,900 had been sold by the time I wrote this.) You can add a two-year SquareTrade warranty for another $17. (Update: The price went up to $80 after 2,000 units were sold. Still a great bargain, though.) As I’ve written elsewhere, this is a great little Android tablet. Maybe not so much if you stick with the stock B&N operating system, which will give you Google Play but...

Barnes & Noble puts e-readers, Nook HD tablet on sale
September 24, 2013 | 9:15 am

new-barnes-and-noble-nook-HDSpeaking of Barnes & Noble sales, Nate Hoffelder at The Digital Reader points out that B&N is running a more general sale on its Nook hardware, this week only. The Nook Simple Touch is $20 off, as I already mentioned, but so is the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, now $80 instead of $100. And the Nook HD has been knocked down to $110 or $130 for its 8GB and 16GB versions, respectively. The Nook HD in particular is worth a look. I’m enjoying my $90 refurbished unit immensely since I rooted it with CyanogenMod. (I’ll write about my...

Refurbished Nook HD: First Impressions
September 7, 2013 | 2:55 am

GEDC1556A few days ago, Woot had a $90 special on refurbished 8 GB 7” Nook HD tablets. Since I accidentally cracked my Zeepad screen a few weeks ago and felt the need for a handy little 7” Android tablet, I figured why not. I ordered a case and screen protectors (from Amazon Prime!) and the whole thing arrived today. Installing the screen protectors turned out to be an exercise in frustration. I went through both of them, and still managed to get specks of dust trapped under the protector. ARGH! The case I ordered was white, as I was...

Morning Roundup: How I Became a Freelancer
June 18, 2013 | 9:00 am

Morning RoundupHow I Became a Freelancer (Give Me Back my Five Bucks) Over the past few months, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to talk about my freelancing – where my money is coming from, how I approach potential clients, and how I got started. I’ve talked about it before, but figured I could go a little more in depth here. --- How Do We Make Freelance Journalism Sustainable? (Media Shift) Last month the Chicago Sun Times fired its entire staff of photographers -– 28 full-time journalists — and plans to rely primarily on freelancers. This news is just the most recent in a growing...

Barnes & Noble Extends Its Sale Price on Nook HD Models
June 17, 2013 | 4:13 pm

Nook HD Barnes & Noble is extending its Father's Day Nook HD sale. Just to recap in case you missed it, that means the Nook HD (7-inch model) is starting at $129, while the HD+ is starting at $149. I kinda wish I'd waited when I bought mine during the Mother's Day sale. I thought $149 for the HD was a good deal. Saving another $20 would have been nice. Of course, this raises the question about the future of the Nook hardware, and I can't help but read this as negative on that front. Companies do not discount successful products this heavily. This...

App review: Putting SwiftKey through the paces with a timed test
June 11, 2013 | 6:21 pm

SwiftKeyI'd thought that Swype was a pretty good keyboard replacement, and I still think so. Unfortunately, it's not compatible with the Nook HD, so someone recommended I look at SwiftKey. My first impression wasn't positive. It's not nearly as good at swipe entry as Swype, and I'd gotten used to swiping. Beside, it looks totally cool when taking notes in a client meeting, especially if I'm using a stylus. I've gotten lots of raised eyebrows and "What's that?" while using Swype. But Swiftkey has a lot going for it, especially if you're willing to retrain how you perform data entry. Its text...

(Hurry, Limited-Time) Deal Alert: Get a Barnes & Noble Nook HD for $129, Nook HD+ for $149
June 11, 2013 | 10:30 am

Nook HDI know, I know, there are oodles of tablets cooler than Barnes & Noble’s Nooks around, starting with the uber-cheap Nexus 7 and the sleek iPad Mini. But with B&N holding constant “yard sales”, I dare you to find a slate with more bang for the buck. Leading to Father’s Day for instance, the Nook HD goes for just $129 both in physical stores and online, while the Nook HD+ is $149. That gives you roughly five days (Father’s Day is this Sunday, remember) to decide between the two. Our advice? Get them both. One for you, one for your dad,...

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