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Screenplay infographic shows how to take it visual
November 19, 2014 | 4:25 pm

the-science-of-the-movie-screenplay   UK printer supplies company Cartridge Discount seems to be developing quite a sideline in useful infographics for writers, and one of the latest is this one, distilling the craft of creating a screenplay into visual form, with a range of sources listed at the end of the graphic. And of course, you would be well advised to go and consult those sources before you start seriously working on the screenplay of your dreams, but at least this is a useful, and fun, jumping-off point....

Morning Links: Kobo resolves download issue. Kindle Voyage review
October 29, 2014 | 9:00 am

KoboHow Far Companies Will Go to Protect You from Copyright Bullies (Gizmodo) When somebody wants to silence speech, they often use the quickest method available. When the speech is hosted on a major online platform, that method is usually a copyright or trademark complaint. *** Kobo Resolves Download Issue (The Digital Reader) It’s been just over a month since Kobo’s perennial problem with blocking downloads of purchased ebooks came to a head, and it looks like that problem has been resolved. *** Amazon Kindle Voyage Review (GoodeReader) Amazon has been making e-readers since 2007 and over the years they have refined their hardware technology constantly. The new...

‘Cli-fi’ movies getting own awards show, the Cliffies
August 21, 2014 | 4:25 pm

cliffies nominee Into the StormHollywood has a calendar full of movie and TV awards shows, from the Oscars to the Golden Globes, and with a dozen other awards on tap as well. There's even the Razzies -- The Golden Raspberry Awards-- for the worst movies in each year's hefty bag of cinema surprises. Now a curtain is about to open on a new movie awards event, this one called ''The Cliffies'', and honoring the best climate-themed movies of the previous year. The Cli Fi Movie Awards, as the event is formally called, will shine a serious spotlight on important cli fi movies of the year....

Terms of Amazon dispute with Disney seem oddly familiar
August 12, 2014 | 6:16 am

disneypicturesA Wall Street Journal article (if it’s paywalled, Google the headline to read it) delves into the sources of the pre-order blocking matter between Amazon and Disney…and if you could summarize it with a single phrase, it would be “the shoe’s on the other foot.” It has some commonalities with the Hachette dispute, but some important differences, too. According to the familiar “person with knowledge of the matter” (he sure gets around, doesn’t he?) the dispute partly concerns promotion and product placement on Amazon’s web site (the element it has in common with the Hachette negotiation, given some of...

Amazon Prime Streaming Music is terrific for Prime subscribers
June 17, 2014 | 3:41 pm

Juli gave her review of Amazon Prime Music yesterday. Now I’ll have my say. First of all, as Slate and the Verge point out in their reviews, Amazon Prime Streaming Music is not a Pandora or Spotify killer, and it’s not meant to be. It really isn’t even a new service at all, so much as an extension of an old one. Amazon has offered cloud music storage since 2011, after all. You can already upload music to Amazon’s cloud and stream it, or stream mp3s you buy from Amazon’s mp3 store. Prime Streaming Music just lets you stream...

That’s show biz: The value propositions of bookstores and movies
April 12, 2014 | 5:35 am

Sometimes when I’m trawling through the news, I run across unrelated posts that form an interesting juxtaposition. Here’s one concerning the very similar way that technological change has affected two entirely different industries. First, Dan Meadows (not a close relation as far as I know) has an interesting pair of posts relating to bookstores, publishers, and their respective value propositions. In the first one, he talks about bookstores and publishers in general. The services these institutions offer hasn’t changed—bookstores still have about the same number of books, publishers still offer the same services—but because people suddenly have even better...

Sainsbury’s sets sail with Captain Phillips film tie-in ebook offer
February 13, 2014 | 10:25 am

UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's, already pushing itself up the ebook and digital entertainment sales leagues, has launched a new promo to link what are now two forms of digital media - films and ebooks. In a strictly limited-time promotion, Sainsbury's Entertainment is offering a free ebook copy of A Captain's Duty by Richard Phillips (with Stephan Talty) for anyone who pays for a video-on-demand copy of the new Tom Hanks movie Captain Phillips, its film tie-in. Sainsbury's claims this to be the world's first tie-in between video-on-demand and ebook editions of a media property, though I wouldn't be surprised to...

Wearing Google Glass to a movie theater leads to interrogation by federal agents
January 21, 2014 | 2:23 pm

google-glass-prescription-lenses-900-80Here’s an article that points out a problem that will only become more common as wearables do. A member of the Google Glass program had prescription lenses on his Glass, and wore them everywhere as his regular glasses. He didn’t have any other prescription glasses, so he wore them to a movie, with the Google Glass part turned off. He’d been to an AMC theater with the Glass three times, but this particular time (watching the new Jack Ryan movie, no less) a federal agent came in, plucked the glasses off his head, and proceeded to accuse him of...

When is the movie better than the book?
August 13, 2013 | 1:00 pm

bookvsmovieOur friends at Book Riot pose the question: "For the most part, we know that the book is usually better than the movie. However, there are a few exceptions..." I haven't seen the vast majority of the movies on their list; I am more of a TV show person when I watch these days. But I have seen a handful of movies which I thought surpassed their course material. Forrest Gump is one that comes to mind. The book was dreadful; the title character's voice comes across more profoundly in live action than written down, and...

The ‘Future’ of Entertainment Looks a Lot Like 1995
July 21, 2013 | 8:44 pm

iTunesThis weekend, we hit a milestone in my household: the Beloved finally got sick enough of the limited selection on flat-rate Netflix to venture into the pay-per-movie world of the iTunes Store, which we can access on the bedroom television via the spiffy little Apple TV box. And ... color us disappointed. We made our selection, pressed the play button and got the following screen: 'Ready to Play in 2 hours, 7 minutes.' Um ... really? What followed was almost more entertaining than the movie turned out to be: As the Beloved kept trying to reload the screen to increasingly random predictions (ready to...

Veronica Mars Novels to Follow Kickstarted Movie
July 16, 2013 | 9:02 am

Veronica MarsThis is the kind of media circle of life I like to see: GalleyCat is reporting that Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas plans to release some Veronica Mars novels as a follow-up to the upcoming Kickstarter-funded movie. From the article: "The books will contain completely new stories, and will be stand-alone novels that will appeal to fans of the show, as well as general mystery readers. The plot of the first book in the series will begin where events of the upcoming “Veronica Mars” film end, and will feature an adult Veronica Mars." I remember reading interviews with Rob Thomas during the run...

Movie Review: Disrespect for the classics in Arnon Goldfinger’s ‘The Flat’ (2011)
July 2, 2013 | 11:01 am

The Flat "The Flat" is a charming 2011 documentary I recently watched on Netflix. The film, by writer-director Arnon Goldfinger, centers around the flat (i.e., the apartment) of his late grandmother, which over the course of the film, the family empties following her death. During this process, they uncover a pile of old magazines that highlight an element of his grandparents' past that they were not expecting—it concerns their exit from Nazi Germany prior to the Holocaust. [caption id="attachment_88851" align="alignright" width="125"] Arnon Goldfinger[/caption] I won't spoil the surprise, because it's nicely done. But what made me want to share this film here on TeleRead...