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E-books do not ‘cost nothing to produce’
April 27, 2012 | 12:34 am

We’ve all heard the argument that e-books should be cheaper because they don’t have printing, shipping, and warehousing costs. Blogger Deanna McFadden, who works in digital publishing, takes exception to writer Michael Chabon’s recent statement that it’s unfair publishers should limit authors to the same royalty rate as paper books as for “an e-book that costs them nothing to produce.” McFadden attributes this sort of statement to ignorance of all the costs and hard work that go into readying a book for digital publication, and grumbles that “Chabon essentially thinks my role, that of e-book person, is essentially worthless”....

Michael Chabon takes backlist titles to e-publisher – are authors paying more attention to backlist rights?
December 21, 2011 | 11:59 am

On FutureBook, Martyn Daniels takes a look at writer Michael Chabon’s decision to take the e-book rights to his backlist books to an e-publisher that will give him a 50% royalty rate rather than the 25% his print publisher offered. Daniels compares the decision to the sentiment expressed in a Jessie J song, “Price Tag” (which I’d never heard of), whose lyrics suggest that, for the singer, creative freedom is more important than making money. He wonders whether Chabon’s decision is just about the money, or whether it suggests authors are starting to become more canny about binding themselves into “digital...

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