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Brazil’s first Read an E-Book Week mobilizes publishers and booksellers
February 28, 2013 | 12:55 pm

Read an E-Book Week  Starting next Sunday, March 3, readers across Brazil will have one more reason to know and experience the digital book—a reason they feel in their pockets. Booksellers, publishers and authors promote the first "Semana do Livro Digital," a local version of Read an E-Book Week, a traditional online event that's been running since 2004. The Brazilian week will offer thousands of free or discounted e-books from March 3 through March 9, the same time period during which the original Canadian Read an E-Book Week event will be happening this year. In Brazil, dozens of publishers and independent authors will be taking part...

Ebooks taking off in Brazil
April 8, 2010 | 9:17 am

brazil.jpgPublishing Perspectives has a long article about this today: But two events in 2009 changed things. First was the Jornada de Nacional de Literatura de Passo Fundo (National Literature Journey of Passo Fundo) where some 20,000 students, teachers, researchers and authors gathered together at for a one-week discussion about technologies related to the experience of reading. The second was the opening in December of Gato Sabido, the first Brazilian eBookstore, which started with just 130 titles in Portuguese. Three months later, the e-bookstore has 850 titles in Portuguese as well as 100,000 titles in English. ... On March, 31, Livraria...

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