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Survey: Do you give e-books as gifts? Why, or why not?
June 20, 2013 | 4:30 pm

e-booksTime for a TeleRead survey: Have you ever given an e-book as a gift? This past weekend, I was ay my dad's for Father's Day. He just moved, and I was treated to a tour of the new place—replete with groaning bookshelves in every room! As my stepmother pointed out a piled-high shelf—in the bathroom, of all places—she remarked, "and we've gotten rid of so many books!" Could've fooled me! Any time you're at the point of putting them in the bathroom, that should be a sign, no? And then the Father's Day gifts came out ... and I saw the problem. My...

Livrada Now Offering E-Book Cards for Authors
February 11, 2013 | 4:58 pm

Livrada e-book cards for authorsAfter closing a $1 million seed funding round led by ICG Ventures, Livrada just went live with e-book cards authors can sell at events, such as conferences, trade shows, books signings and the like. E-book-only authors (like myself) run into problems trying to sell their books at events. What do you do? Have a laptop or tablet set up so people can sign-in to their Amazon account and buy your books? Just think though the logistical nightmare of that for a minute. (I tried to do it last month at a conference. Didn't work.) But selling cards like this? Great idea. It allows authors...

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