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Review: Kobo Glo with SleepCover
November 19, 2012 | 6:26 pm

There's a new e-reader in the house! I had been eying the Kobo Glo with some envy ever since it came out. It seemed like Amazon's readers kept getting thicker and chunkier-looking, while Kobo's kept getting smaller and cuter and faster. The glow light was what really sold me, though. I read in bed a lot, and was growing weary of the tiny iPod Touch screen—I wanted to take a book with me again! And even with the light on, it was too dark to bring my reader into bed. We have one power outlet, and it's not on my...

Kobo Mini and Kobo Glo: First impressions
October 5, 2012 | 10:46 am

Kobo Glo I was at Indigo the other day while they were setting up the new Kobo readers and I got to play with both the Glo and the Mini. My overall verdict: I was impressed! I don't agree with all of the choices Kobo has made with their software, but they are more 'personal preference' things by now, as opposed to glaring bugs which need fixing. The Retail Advantage One thing I do have to give Kobo props for right off the bat is their employee training—their extensive retail presence (especially here in Canada, where they are branded with our major bookstore chain)...

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