How to get Google Reader on your Kindle

March 7, 2013 // 0 Comments

I just saw this posted on the soon-to-be-renamed KindleBoards (hence no link). Someone has created a very simple Web app to allow you to read your Google Reader feed on your [...]

Amazon Isn’t Evil

February 21, 2013 // 20 Comments

Yes, you read that headline correctly. When the DOJ lawsuit against the publishers came out last year, it became a lot more about Amazon and their alleged monopolistic [...]

Kindle 4 update 4.1.1 available

January 25, 2013 // 6 Comments

If you have a Kindle 4 (that’s the one with the hardware controller and no keyboard), Amazon just released an software update. I don’t have a Kindle 4, so I [...]
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