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YA author Elle Casey discusses the transition to full-time
May 30, 2013 | 3:11 pm

Elle CaseySelf-published young adult fiction author Elle Casey recently wrote on the Kindle Boards about making the transition from a part-time to a full-time self-published and self-supporting writer. I asked her to share some more details with the TeleRead audience about how this happened. TeleRead: How did you ramp up to the point of being able to support yourself by writing? Did you plan out any kind of timeline, or did it simply happen? Elle Casey: I didn't plan anything. When I started, I just had the goal of one stranger buying my book and liking it. After that, I had a goal of...

Attention Self-Publishers: Beware the Superego!
May 30, 2013 | 11:53 am

This post comes out of a tendency I’ve noticed in myself, as well as in very many self-published authors across the Kindle Boards, on Facebook, on Twitter and elsewhere. It’s a tendency that does reflect the early maturity of the self-publishing sector, as well as the lonesome cowboy mentality of many self-published authors. Because that Wild West of limitless opportunity that many lit out for is now (so the self-publishing community tattle has it, at any rate) overrun not only by robber barons but also by snake oil sellers peddling not-enormously-useful advice and services. When digital disruption first began to impact the publishing...

Salt ceases publishing poets: Should they self-publish?
May 28, 2013 | 1:00 pm

Salt PublishingLeading UK independent literary publishing house—and e-book producer—Salt Publishing has decided, “after thirteen years and over 400 poetry collections, many by debut authors,” to stop publishing poetry by individual poets and concentrate on anthologies in the future. “Salt concentrates its future poetry efforts on the best of British” was how the headline on the Salt Publishing blog put it. The Guardian coverage quoted Salt director Chris Hamilton-Emery as saying: “"We've seen our sales [of single-author collections] decline by over a quarter in the past year, and our sales have halved in the past five years ... It's simply not viable to continue doing...

What we can learn from the troubles of Martha Stewart
November 13, 2012 | 12:54 pm

Fortune magazine, Martha Stewart, I cannot be destroyedI've seen reporting pretty much everywhere about the troubles facing Martha Stewart and her company these days. She's laying off staff and folding magazines, she's reporting a 17 percent decline in revenues and she's taking for herself the lion's share of her company's earnings. But is this just about money management and changing media directions, or is something else going on? An article in the Hamilton Spectator offers an intriguing secondary hypothesis. The trouble with brands based on a living person, they say, is that they come with a "high risk of calamity" as they rise or fall on the escapades...

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