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Weekend Roundup: Pottermore on Tablets and Phones, Reviews of the Retina iPad Mini and more
November 17, 2013 | 11:10 am

pottermorePottermore Debuts on Tablets and Smartphone Devices (GoodeReader) The Harry Potter interactive website Pottermore is now available on mobile connected devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones. *** Smashwords eDelivery out of Beta, No Longer Supports Kindle (The Digital Reader) For the past 6 weeks the indie ebook distributor Smashwords has been beta testing an automatic delivery solution, eDelivery, that enabled customers to send ebooks to their Kindle or their Dropbox account. Smashwords ended the beta test today, but the eDelivery service is only about half as useful as I had hoped. *** What the Reviews Say About the iPad Mini with Retina Display (GigaOM) The new...

Morning Roundup: Retina iPad Mini vs iPad Air, Google Book Scanning Decision is Correct and more
November 15, 2013 | 9:00 am

Google Book ScanningWhatever You Think of Google as a Company, The Book Scanning Decision is the Right One (GigaOM) The Authors Guild has argued that Google’s book-scanning project is copyright infringement on a massive scale, but the benefits of having millions of books digitized and searchable clearly outweighs the dangers of that infringement. *** Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display vs iPad Air (GoodeReader) Welcome to yet another installment of the Good e-Reader Video Comparison Series! Today we check out the Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display and the Apple iPad Air. Over the course of the video we check out the reading experience with eBooks,...

Painfully sharp displays take onscreen reading to a whole new level
November 8, 2013 | 11:45 am

displayIt's brain-dead obvious that display quality and clarity is key to the reader experience of anyone reading ebooks. And in that respect, ereading enthusiasts are becoming very lucky people. Because tablet and ereader manufacturers are now pushing their technologies to new levels and ever closer to the realm of print. DisplayMate, "The Standard of Excellence for Image and Picture Quality," offers the following demonstration, in its "Flagship Tablet Display Technology Shoot-Out," pitting the Amazon [easyazon-link asin="B00BHJRYYS" locale="us"]Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"[/easyazon-link] against the new Apple iPad Air and the now ageing, but still very highly specced,  [easyazon-link asin="B00ACVHKSC" locale="us"]Google Nexus 10[/easyazon-link], with...

iPad success secret: Building on the iPhone, and replacing laptops
November 5, 2013 | 10:47 pm

ipadWired is running an excerpt from a forthcoming book by Fred Vogelstein, looking at how Steve Jobs made the iPad successful when no other tablet ever had been. There’s an interesting parallel with e-readers in this story. No dedicated e-reader had ever been successful before Jeff Bezos pushed the Kindle, and likewise no prior tablet had ever worked until the iPad came along. The tablet computer was the most discredited category of consumer electronics in the world. Entrepreneurs had been trying to build tablet computers since before the invention of the PC. They had tried so many times that the conventional...

Weekend Roundup: Review of iPad Air, Kobo Glo Hacked and more
November 3, 2013 | 9:26 am

ipad airHands-On Review of the iPad Air (GoodeReader) The 5th generation Apple iPad was released today in over 72 different countries and if you could take waiting in line for an hour, many happy customers were able to get their hands on one. *** When Will iOS and OSX Finally Meet, or Have They Already? (GigaOM) With the redesign of iOS 7, release of OS X Mavericks, and updated versions of the iWork and iLife apps, Apple continues to blur the lines on what is a desktop feature and what is a mobile feature. *** Kobo Glo Hacked (Again)---Now Runs Android (The Digital Reader) Kobo doesn’t have a...

IDC Numbers Show Tablets Up One Third, iPads Stalled
November 1, 2013 | 10:16 am

idcAdding to the slew of quarterly market data, the latest issue of International Data Corporation (IDC)'s Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker showed worldwide tablet shipments up 36.7 percent on the same time last year and 7 percent on the previous quarter. And, notes IDC, "Android products once again drove much of the shipment growth in the market as iOS growth stalled and Windows tablets continued to struggle to win over consumers. With no new iPad product launches in the second or third quarter to drive volume, Apple experienced a quarter-over-quarter decline in shipments from 14.6 million in 2Q13 to 14.1 million...

Enjoying tablets and smartphones? Thank e-books!
October 31, 2013 | 11:24 pm

The world has been changing a lot. In the 98 years my grandmother has been alive, we've gone from cars as rickety novelties on dirt-track roads to polished metal eggs on highways that span the globe; the Wright Brothers' first flight to putting people on the moon and machinery on Mars. And we've gone from mechanical clocks and automated looms as state-of-the-art in information technology to having powerful computer/photo/video terminals in most peoples' pockets. Even over the course of my own lifetime, the rate of advance has been remarkable. When I was in grade school. having computers in the...

Why Are iPads in the Classroom So Popular?
October 25, 2013 | 1:18 pm

ipads in the classroomOne of the morning links today talked about the ballooning cost of the Los Angeles School District's iPads in the classroom program, which we have written about before here on Teleread. It always amazes me to read stories like this and see schools get snookered into paying higher-than-retail costs because they are trying to trade money for support---and invariably, the support isn't there and the programs go awry for both the kids and the teachers. But still, schools are lining up to drink the iPad Kool-Aid. Why? Why all the iPad mania? Why aren't schools buying a cheaper brand of tablet...

Morning Roundup: LA School’s iPads Cost Even More, Amazon added Millions of Prime Members, and more
October 25, 2013 | 9:00 am

amazonAmazon Added Millions Of Prime Members in Q3, Thanks in Part to Streaming Video (GigaOM) Amazon Prime is growing very fast, thanks in part to streaming video, Amazon said in its Q3 earnings Thursday. *** Hands-On Review of the Kobo Arc 7 (GoodeReader) Kobo has just released the spiritual successor of the Arc tablet released last year. Like any major hardware upgrade you normally see enhanced resolution, a faster processor, more memory and RAM. Truth be told, the Arc 7 is a bit of a downgrade. It has less memory, a woeful webcam and less resolution then the older model. With all of these...

Is Innovation For Tablets Slowing Down?
October 22, 2013 | 2:38 pm

tabletsFrom today's Morning Links comes this interesting little tidbit from our friends at GigaOM. A new study has come out which says that the iPad 2 is the most widely used of all iPad tablets, accounting for 38% of the market share---or more than the later two models combined. There are two reasons the article gives for why this might be. Firstly, since the iPad 2 has never been retired, it remains for sale (at $100 less than the newer models) and so people are buying it. Secondly, the study explains 'this could be an indication that the innovation in tablets...

Morning Roundup: iPad 2 Most Popular, Author Claims Copyright over 20 Year Old Interview and more
October 22, 2013 | 8:50 am

ipadThe iPad 2 is Apple's Most Widely Used Tablet (GigaOM) According to a new study, more people use the iPad 2 than the third and fourth generation iPads combined. *** Why Defining a Journalist is Messy, but Crucial (Media Shift) We culled a variety of sources that conceptualize a journalist in some way, and we analyzed each conceptualization to identify its elements — the primary constituents of a journalist’s matter. Then we used the elements to develop a definition reflecting how a journalist commonly is defined. *** Author Claims Copyright Over Interview he Gave 20 Years Ago (Techdirt) A bunch of folks have alerted me to this...

Oyster Updated for iPad.
October 17, 2013 | 4:44 pm

oysterOyster, the all-you-can-read ebook service was updated yesterday with a dedicated iPad app. They also added a free 30-day trial. As you may remember, I wasn't impressed with Oyster when it was first announced. Have I changed my mind? I re-upped my subscription to check them out and decide. The short and answer is yes, and no. Yes, I think the service has been improved considerably. Will I continue my subscription? Probably not. Adding an iPad app was a big step, and it makes the service lots more worthwhile. That said, the app still needs improvement. It's clearly intended to be used...