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The Old Reader Strains Under Massive Post-Readerpocalypse Demand
July 30, 2013 | 3:52 pm

The Old ReaderNate Hoffelder at The Digital Reader posted an intriguing tidbit earlier today about The Old Reader, one of the more solid but less-hyped Google Reader alternatives to benefit from Google Reader's demise. But in this paticular case, it seems the benefit turned out to be more of a curse: Since the shutdown of Google Reader was announced, The Old Reader's user base swelled from 10,000 to over 400,000—and it's just too many users for the admins of this 'labor of love' to handle. In a blog post entitled "Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures," they say: "We really want The Old Reader to...

Feedly Disappoints: ‘Over Capacity’ for the Second Day
July 11, 2013 | 3:15 pm

FeedlyThe bloom is officially off the Feedly rose for me: I woke up this morning to a second day of "over capacity" error messages when I tried to access my feeds. I couldn't get in to anything! And I still can't. I did yesterday's Morning Roundup by manually typing the URLs of my regular blogs to see what was happening, but it wasn't the same: there was no list of as-year-unread stories, no way to mark off the ones I'd already seen, and of course I couldn't remember every blog I visit, off-hand. I guess my first task when Feedly is eventually back will...

Google Reader post-mortem: The death of the API, the rise of the all-in-one, and the return of the RSS reader
July 3, 2013 | 6:53 pm

Well, it’s a couple of days after the death of Google Reader, and just about time for the post-mortem wrap-up. There are a few articles offering different perspectives on the event, and we’ll start with one by Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper. Marco believes that Google killed Reader, despite it having literally millions of users, because it simply didn’t fit in with the way Google wanted the Internet to work. It was a holdover from the era of open APIs, when services made it easy to use them with other services. The problem is, then Facebook happened, and...

Feedly: A Second Look
June 26, 2013 | 11:15 am

feedlyWith the Readerpocalypse now just days away, GigaOM is one of many offering a second look at some alternatives. Their write-up was particularly helpful because they looked at some of the finer details such as freemium versus pay, and whether an offering is a full-fledged product or just a side gig for some otherwise-employed developers. For myself, the Beloved and I have reluctantly hitched our sales to the Feedly wagon. For me, it was a must for two reasons: 1. Cross-Platform Support This is vital to me because I often check news feeds on the go and flag the stories I want to...

Morning Roundup: Why does everyone except Google want to build a reader?
June 25, 2013 | 9:37 am

Morning RoundupBlogTrottr Fills a Need No Other News Reader Can Touch—Translation (The Digital Reader) The Readerpocalypse is only 6 days away and I have finally found a replacement for the one feature that I cannot live without: auto-translation. * * * This Just In: Young Adults Love Libraries (The Digital Shift) A brand-spanking-new Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life study (just released this morning) has found some surprising information about young people and their opinions of libraries and print books * * * YouTube, Fair Use and Takedowns: With Puppets! (Boing Boing) Here's Fred von Lohmann, one of the senior copyright attorneys at Google—and formerly head of...

Morning Roundup: Are Books Obsolete?
June 21, 2013 | 9:00 am

booksThe Shifting Landscape of Book Reviews (Indie Reader) With few exceptions, major news publications do not review indie books, even though more than 235,000 titles were self-published as of 2011. This lack of coverage in traditional media outlets, however, has not stopped indies from their rise. --- Are Books Obsolete? Thoughts on the Printed Word (Apartment Therapy) I was browsing Etsy one day, and I noticed someone selling a book that I loved as a child. It was ‘Half Magic,’ by Edward Eager, but the title of the book wasn’t anywhere in the listing. The book was being sold as a prop. ‘Vintage décor,’ the...

Digg Reader set to launch next week, but is it already too late?
June 17, 2013 | 7:35 pm

Companies are in a race to become the next Google Reader. Feedly recently announced it was independent of Google Reader in a recent update, and Digg is about to launch a beta version of an RSS feed reader. Digg announced on its blog today that the company will roll out the first phase of Digg Reader next week. In addition, all users should have access June 26. “We’re doing the launch in phases because, as you might have guessed, RSS aggregation is a hard thing to do at scale, and we want to make sure the experience is as fast and reliable...

Feedly wants Google Reader’s throne; can it be RSS king?
June 9, 2013 | 11:00 am

FeedlyIt’s unfortunate news, but it’s inevitable—and worthless to sulk about any longer. Let’s face it: Google Reader will be no more in less than a month from now—on July 1, to be exact. Will this effect you too? I’ve used and continue to regularly use Reader for years, so for me this is the ‘not good’ kind of change. Starting while I was in college, Google’s RSS feed app was the first and only service of its kind that mattered to me. I loved what it did for me, helping to redefine how I handled research academically and, of course, leisurely. So,...

Morning Roundup: Meet Beast Academy
June 7, 2013 | 9:12 am

Morning RoundupWhy Google Reader Really Got the Ax (Wired) When Google announced its plans to shutter Google Reader in March, the Internet freaked out. Twitter users raised their virtual pitchforks in outrage. Bloggers wept, scrambling to find a suitable replacement by the service’s July 1 death date. --- LaMP Teaches You a Foreign Language Via Movie and YouTube Subtitles (Lifehacker) LaMP, or Lingual Media Player, is a neat program for learning a new language through watching videos—one of the best ways to become more efficient in a foreign language. --- How Best-Selling Authors Use Email to Connect With Readers (GalleyCat) At BookExpo America last week, Copyright Clearance Center business development...

Morning Roundup: Do publishers need a bigger boat?
June 4, 2013 | 9:00 am

Morning RoundupDo Publishers Need a Bigger Boat? (Futurebook) If HarperCollins does merge with Simon & Schuster will that be good news for writers? Or, for that matter, readers? --- Penguin & Random House Merger to Complete in July (Good e-Reader) Penguin and Random House have cleared the last hurdle with their proposed merger with China giving their blessing today. These two companies will officially join forces in July and will account for 1/4 of all books to be published globally. --- What Newspapers Need to Learn from the Disruption in the Auto Industry (paidContent) Newspaper companies might not want to think of their business as being similar to...

Lessons Learned from the Google Reader Switchover
May 3, 2013 | 10:00 am

Google ReaderAfter several weeks of teasing me for burying my head in the sand and stubbornly refusing to transfer my Google Reader RSS feeds elsewhere, the Beloved quietly confessed last night that he has given up on Feedly and moved himself back to Reader, too, for the time being. Once I was done milking the required apology for his weeks of mocking, I asked him why, and found that he had reached the same conclusion—that in the battle between interactivity and linearity, linearity is sometimes the better way. Here's what he didn't like about Feedly: It was too dynamic for him. Every...

Feedly has some nice updates
April 2, 2013 | 12:15 pm

Feedly has been steadily gaining users (over three million since the announcement of the death of Google Reader), and they just updated both their mobile apps and their browser plugins. So far I'm happy with the changes, which make the experience a little closer to Google Reader. The best changes in the browser version include the ability to set a title view in your subcategories (not just in the Latest view) and better integration with Pocket. When I reviewed Feedly a few weeks ago, the Save to Pocket button didn't work. Now it's flawless, just as it should be. I'm also pleased with...

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