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Survey: Do you give e-books as gifts? Why, or why not?

Time for a TeleRead survey: Have you ever given an e-book as a gift?e-books

This past weekend, I was ay my dad’s for Father’s Day. He just moved, and I was treated to a tour of the new place—replete with groaning bookshelves in every room! As my stepmother pointed out a piled-high shelf—in the bathroom, of all places—she remarked, “and we’ve gotten rid of so many books!” Could’ve fooled me! Any time you’re at the point of putting them in the bathroom, that should be a sign, no?

And then the Father’s Day gifts came out … and I saw the problem.

My dad, a bibliophile and history fan, got a stack of hardcovers as big as my head! Sure, he reads on his Kobo now, and my stepmother checks out library books on her iPad. But for gift-giving, they’ve always been the type to favor gifts you can actually see and touch.

There were no envelopes of cash or gift cards in my youth. They like wrapping up the packages. And you just can’t do that with an e-book.

That said, I know e-book gifting is possible. I myself got a little Amazon surprise once from a co-worker who I’d helped with her Sony Reader. But nobody is going to sit there at the Father’s Day barbecue checking their smartphone to see if there are any coupon codes, are they?

What do you think? Is e-book gifting still in its awkward stage? Have you ever gifted one yourself? Let us know by completing the poll below. (And feel free to get specific by adding a comment.)

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Amazon is Making it Easier to Give Facebook Friends a Birthday Gift

AmazonStarting today, you can show your Facebook friends how much you love them, by giving them an Amazon gift card, and you can show them how well you can rally your friends by getting more people to contribute to the gift.

The basic idea is that you can select a gift amount for a friend’s upcoming birthday and then invite friends to “pitch in” to add to the amount. The entire amount will post to the friend’s timeline on their birthday. Voila!

All right. Neat idea, but I’ve got concerns. I wasn’t a fan of Facebook’s introduction of a gifting feature. It seems like we’re moving more toward “you’re only a great friend if you spend money on me.” I agree that remembering birthdays is a good idea, and yes, Facebook does make it easy. But the Amazon/Facebook partnership either adds to the guilt factor (I suppose I really should respond to this invitation to add more money to the gift card) or makes it easier to just throw money at people (if I get him a gift card, I’m done).

One question I haven’t found the answer to is “does the recipient see the ‘friend breakdown?’” Since you can contribute in amounts as small as $1, I hope not. I don’t see any good coming from “Hey! John only thought I was worth $1. At least Sally thought I was worth $10.”

Maybe I’m just being a scrooge. I suppose I might change my tune if a fat gift card shows up on my timeline in a couple of months.

Pottermore adds e-book gifting, Tales of Beedle the Bard

Just in time for the holiday season, the Pottermore e-book shop has added gifting options for Harry Potter e-books and audiobooks. The gift e-books or audiobooks can be bought any time from up to six months in advance through the day on which they should be delivered. The books may be downloaded up to eight times each. All Pottermore e-books are multiformat and DRM-free.

Pottermore has also just made the tie-in story collection The Tales of Beedle the Bard available as an e-book for the first time, for £3.99 in the U.K. and $5.99 in the U.S., with a portion of the proceeds (“at least 40%”) to be donated to J.K. Rowling’s children’s charity Lumos, just as with the print edition.

It’s gratifying that so many e-book outlets have taken advantage of the ease of sending digital content anywhere to provide gifting options for their content. And with more people than ever starting to read e-books, it means gift options for the stay-at-home holiday shopper are better than ever.

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