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Weekend Roundup: How I overcame snobbery to self-publish an e-book
May 5, 2013 | 9:00 am

Weekend RoundupStoryBundle Launches Video Game-Themed E-Book Campaign (Good e-Reader) Is Nigeria Ready for the E-Book Revolution? (This Day Live) How I overcame snobbery to self-publish an e-book (The Telegraph) Samsung filed for e-book page-turning patent (Slash Gear) The Progressive Opens E-Book Line (GalleyCat) E-Book Deal: Self-Improvement E-Book Bundle...

DHL Express Announces Partnership With Worldreader
November 10, 2012 | 12:26 pm

We've written a few times in the past about Worldreader, the Seattle-based nonprofit that provides Amazon Kindle devices and e-books to schoolchildren in Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. And now, according to an item posted earlier this week on a news site known as GhanaWeb, DHL Express and Worldreader have announced a mutually-benficial partnership. "Through the partnership," according to the article, "DHL Express will deliver Worldreader’s educational products to African countries, enabling the non-profit organization to purchase more e-readers and books for distribution to those in need." From the article: "DHL Express was the first international express company to operate in Africa and is the only carrier...

Worldreader and USAID publish promising Ghana Ereader Project results
April 27, 2012 | 9:34 am

Logo From the press release (blockquotes omitted): Worldreader, a non-profit organization whose aim is to bring digital books to all in the developing world, along with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and ILC Africa, today released the results of Worldreader’s pilot study of e-readers in Ghana. Titled iREAD, the pilot program involved the wireless distribution of over 32,000 local and international digital books using Kindle e-readers to 350 students and teachers at six pilot schools in Ghana’s Eastern Region between November 2010 and September 2011. According to the USAID-funded report from ILC Africa, an independent measurement and evaluation firm, the Worldreader...

Earning Credits for More Books – Worldreader
March 16, 2012 | 9:37 am

Screen shot 2012 03 12 at 1 37 15 PM3 212x300 From the Worldreader blog: Meet Daniel Owusu, a 14-year-old junior high school student in Worldreader’s iREAD program. Daniel lives with his family on a farm in the tropical forest near the village, which makes for a long walk to school. He is the only one of the six children in his family to have a Kindle, and he loves it with passion. According to his grandmother, Daniel often gets so immersed in his reading that he does not hear when they call him for food. Daniel wants to become a doctor. Daniel was one of the 25 students who earned $8 of...

Worldreader programs in Florida, Ghana face similar challenges
January 24, 2011 | 10:25 pm

clearwaterSusan Moody has posted an entry on the blog discussing the common challenges facing education programs using the Kindle in both Clearwater, Florida and Ghana. Both programs are meeting with success, but interestingly enough one of the biggest issues proved to be the same in both cases. Biggest Challenges?  Now this is surprising: both pilots have the same challenges with technology–kids involuntarily deregistering their Kindles and lack of parental controls.  Mr Just wrote: “we knew that we were having issues with students deregistering the school account and registering their personal account interfering with the download...

Kindles delivered to a village in Ghana
December 10, 2010 | 9:42 am

girl-in-ghana-africa-with-worldreader-amazon-kindle.jpgAn email from reader David Cassel: A team of seven people just began delivering Kindles filled with ebooks to students in a village in Ghana! It's the pilot program for a new charity hoping to improve third world education using ebooks, using digital readers in remote villages to "put a library of books within reach of every family on the planet." The organizers are maintaining an inspiring blog, saying that each delivery "was as if we were handing someone raw power," and noting that it seems to be having a positive impact on the rest of the community. And Amazon even...

African e-reader literacy group reports early success, sets bigger goals
July 28, 2010 | 9:15 am

worldreader_ghana Read Write Web has a story on literacy organization (which we previously covered in March and April), which is using Kindles to bring literacy to Ghana, Africa (“kind of like One Laptop Per Child, but with Kindles” as one site we quoted in March put it). The organization’s March trial, with 20 Kindles, went very well, and Worldreader reports obtaining permission to do a larger trial, with 336 Kindles in 4 schools, in October. They already have plans to go even larger in the future. Despite the group’s connections with Amazon, its spokesperson notes it intends...

Capetown Book Fair to open on July 30
June 21, 2010 | 8:02 am

images.jpegFrom the press release: With one month to go before the doors open to the trade on 30 July, powerful publishing corporates from India, Korea, Germany and the UK are gearing up alongside smaller fringe exhibitors from countries as diverse as Spain, Ghana, Ireland and Kenya, making it the largest book fair in sub-Saharan Africa with over 220 exhibitors from 31 countries. ... Collaborating with cultural institutions like the British Council and the Goethe-Institut has enabled the CTBF to tap into useful resources to help build the profile of ‘a fair for Africa. For example, the Goethe-Institut, a German cultural exchange...

Non-profit takes Kindles to the developing world
March 15, 2010 | 5:00 pm is a nonprofit organization that is making Kindle e-book readers available to the developing world. (As TechFlash says, “Kind of like One Laptop Per Child, but with Kindles.”) It is beginning its first trial in Ghana this week. Says Worldreader’s website: Just as mobile phones have leapfrogged landlines in developing countries, e-readers can deliver books instantly and for far less: many e-books are less than one-third the price of a printed book, saving trees and reaching more minds. Personally, I suspect that a netbook such as the OLPC might prove considerably more...

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