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Frederik Pohl gives lifetime’s worth of tips for authors, editors, agents
September 13, 2013 | 12:05 pm

Frederik Pohl, who died recently after a long, illustrious, and industrious career as a science fiction magazine and book editor, and literary agent, as well as multiple-award-winning writer, covered enough ground in his seventy-five years in the saddle to have valuable experience to communicate to anyone in the genre. And he summed up much of this in a 1977 interview with David Truesdale for Tangent, reproduced in full here. The interview condenses his conclusions into some candid and very helpful observations that, adjusted for inflation, haven't dated, and apply well outside the SF genre as well. As his longtime friend...

R.I.P. Frederik Pohl: Science fiction’s veteran iconoclast
September 5, 2013 | 12:39 pm

Frederik PohlFrederik George Pohl, Jr. (Nov. 26, 1919 – Sept. 2, 2013) was almost a living artifact of a bygone era in science fiction, as well as one of the genre's most fertile and perennially refreshed talents. Born in the immediate aftermath of World War I, he died in the epoch of Google Glass and the Large Hadron Collider, without ever losing his imaginative spontaneity or intellectual curiosity, or his ability to upset and disturb the genre consensus. For all its radical technological vision, science fiction has a reputation for frequently being socially and politically conservative, whether it's Orson Scott Card's anti-marriage equality...

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