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Morning Links: No Google Tablet in 2015. Twitter to Acquire Flipboard?
May 27, 2015 | 9:00 am

Google tabletGoogle to launch two Nexus phones but no tablet this 2015 (Android Community) We've been saying that Google might release two new Nexus phones simultaneously but we're silent about the next Nexus tablet. Truth is, we haven't heard any information yet and looks like we know the reason why: there will be no Nexus tablet this year. *** Twitter Has Held Talks to Acquire Flipboard (re/code) Twitter has been engaged in an ongoing series of talks to acquire Flipboard, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, in an all-stock deal that would value the company at over $1 billion. *** Everything Google is rumored...

Flipboard and Similar Services: Scams Against Publishers?
October 14, 2013 | 3:23 pm

flipboard This article from TPM crossed my radar from several sources, and I've been chewing on it for a few days now. The basic thrust of the article is that services like Flipboard are bad for publishers because it allows people to consume content without going to the website of the content creator. This leads to convenience for the reader and a lack of page views for the website. Under current monetization strategies, content creators need to sell demographics and numbers of page views to advertisers. Here was the pertinent quote from the article: That audience has nothing to do with us as...

7 Must-Have Apps For Your New Nook HD
May 12, 2013 | 1:43 pm

If you've taken advantage of the great sale on the Nook HD (ending today), or if you've had one for awhile and recently upgraded to add the Google Play Store, you might be wondering what apps to add. Here's my list of must-have apps, not available in the Nook App store. 1. Feedly With Google Reader going away this July, you'll need another way to keep track of your feeds. I've been using Feedly for awhile now, and it's an excellent Google Reader replacement. In some ways, I've grown to like it better. For example, I've found its integration with Pocket to...

Flipboard 2.0 Comes to Android with Curated Magazines
May 9, 2013 | 3:59 pm

Flipboard Flipboard for Android finally received an update to version 2.0. The biggest new feature of this update is the ability to create and share personalized magazines. This feature was first introduced for iOS a couple months ago. Flipboard 2.0 also utilizes Android’s native sharing functionality. You’ll be able to save content to a Flipboard magazine from other applications such as the photo gallery or Web browser.  Once you create a magazine, you can choose to share it on social networks, through email or text message. One downside to the magazines is that some articles can’t be read in full from the Flipboard application. You’ll...

How Has the Tablet Changed Your Life? Your Business? Your General Disposition?
April 17, 2013 | 2:10 pm

tabletIt's hard to believe it's already/only been three years since Apple introduced its category defining iPad. On the one hand, it seems like only yesterday. On the other hand, for those of us with tablet computers of one stripe or another, it's hard to imagine life before our new constant companions—in the same way those of us who came up before the Internet can barely remember the days before Pine. There was a great piece on Ars Technica about two weeks ago in which its editors reflected on the device, their initial impressions and its impact on their lives since. I recall my own...

Morning Links: Digital publishing news you may have missed
March 27, 2013 | 8:51 am

Morning LinksMassachusetts to Launch State-Wide Digital Library (The Digital Reader) What's Next in Digital Publishing: New Platforms and Payment Models (Paid Content) More on Atomization: Why the New Publishers are Coming (Mike Shatzkin) Flipboard Launches Custom Curation Tools, Wants to Unleash Your Inner Editor (GigaOM) Kindle Daily Deals: Monday Mornings by Sanjay Gupta, M.D. (and 3 others)...

New York Times: Flipboard or Native App?
March 26, 2013 | 9:38 pm

Last week The New York Times gave me an offer I couldn't refuse: 12 weeks of digital access for $5. No, that's not $5 per week. That's $5 for the entire 12-week period. See why I couldn't refuse? I'd been reading the Times' Top News on Flipboard for months, and I knew I liked it in that format. Now that I have access to the entire paper for a few months, I decided to try out the native Android and iOS apps and see which I liked better. Note that I purchased Tablet access, so I didn't test this out on my...

Using Calibre for E-Book Management, Chapter 8: Downloading News
February 28, 2013 | 8:56 pm

CalibreThis post is part of TeleRead's "Using Calibre for E-Book Management" Guide: Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 We've covered a lot of uses for Calibre so far, including library management, book conversion, and more. But Calibre is more than just an e-book program. Lots of us read more than books, including news and blogs. Did you know Calibre can be set up to automatically download news sources? Here's how it's done: First, fire up Calibre and click the "Fetch News" button.   As you...

New York Times Now Available on Flipboard for Android and Kindle Fire
February 28, 2013 | 3:02 pm

FlipboardFlipboard made my list of great productivity apps in a previous post I wrote for GadgeTell (one of TeleRead's sister sites), but until today I only used it on my iPad. Why? Because the New York Times was only available in the iOS version. Not only that, but previously, if you logged into Flipboard on Android, you lost Times access on your iOS device. No longer! As of today, you can get the Times in the Android and Kindle Fire versions as well. I just downloaded it and tested it out. The articles look great on my Nexus 7. Flipping is smooth. In fact, I think I like it better on Android. The Times in the iOS...

App Faceoff: Pocket vs. Instapaper
February 7, 2013 | 11:30 am

"Read Later" apps have become more popular as people use their smartphones and tablets on-the-go. I’ve used Pocket for years, and I recently decided to pay for Instapaper because it offered features Pocket does not. I use both, but for different purposes. Pocket is great for short articles, especially ones with images. I’ve set Flipboard up to share with Pocket, and I’ll often scan headlines during breakfast and then send articles to Pocket for reading throughout the day. Pocket is also my repository for articles I want to reference for later posts. I only use Pocket for short articles because I find the app’s page-flipping option to be...

Morning Roundup — Stories you may have missed
November 16, 2012 | 8:35 am

Microsoft Sued Because It Overloaded Tablets With Pre-Installed Apps (Techdirt) What Can Publishers Learn from Indie Rock? (Scholarly Kitchen) Many Core Features Lacking in Nook Windows 8 App (Good E-Reader) Flipboard to Pitch eBooks for the iBookstore (The Digital Reader) Kindle Daily Deal: The Past Came Hunting by Donnell Bell {and} Winnie's War by Jenny Moss * * * Follow us @TeleRead  Join us on Facebook...

New York Times comes to Flipboard; Wired and the New Yorker leave it
June 25, 2012 | 8:28 pm

The New York Times today announced it is embarking on a program which will make its content available through various third-party services, starting with iOS (and, since last week, Android) social media aggregator Flipboard. The program will make all NYT content available to subscribers via login validation, while a selection of articles will be available free to everybody. New York Times webmaster Denise Warren said that the paper had embarked on the program after realizing 20% of its subscribers use third-party software like Flipboard to read content, and saw it as an opportunity to enable additional functionality for paying...

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