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Backlist e-publisher E-Reads offers advances on e-book royalties
September 28, 2010 | 12:25 am

5948af7c-0272-4e5d-8086-82e2d4b1798fIn a blog post on its own website, backlist e-publisher E-Reads points out that it is now paying advances for e-book rights (and actually has been for several months). It notes that in a Publishers Weekly article looking at e-book publisher royalties, of all the publishers surveyed only E-Reads was paying advances. The PW article notes that E-Reads founder Richard Curtis found a lot of agents were reluctant to offer rights to backlist titles without any money offered up front—it simply wasn’t a publishing model they were familiar with. Most of Curtis’s advances are fairly small, just in the...

Fictionwise closing branded stores
September 13, 2010 | 3:38 pm

Screen shot 2010-09-13 at 3.37.33 PM.pngSo says an article by Richard Curtis at e-reads. According to Richard: These are store-fronts hosted by Fictionwise enabling customers to view only the publishers’ own titles rather than the comprehensive list of all books retailed by Fictionwise. The dedicated publisher pages will be terminated at the end of September, and publishers have been invited to redirect customer visits and purchases to the main Fictionwise website Richard says that, other than this, Fictionwise will continue as normal. Thanks to Marilynn Byerly for the link....

Micropay problems at Fictionwise? Company and Barnes & Noble seem unresponsive
August 22, 2010 | 10:58 am

images.jpgI received the following email from Clytie Siddall, from Renmark, in the Riverland of South Australia. Is anyone else having similar problems with Fictionwise? Email begins: My purchasing at Fictionwise has dwindled from a flood to a trickle since the imposition of "geographic limitations", but I still prefer to buy ebooks there if I can. I also signed up last year (before the imposition) for another 5 years of the Buywise club. Under the current publishing conditions, we customers are told that we will still be eligible for Buywise discounts for the life of our already-paid subscription, and that we can...

Quick Note: eReader, Wattpad, Kobo iPhone apps updated
August 3, 2010 | 11:44 am

quick note.pngAccording to iTunes: Wattpad: IOS4, enhanced part navigation, add My Profile tab eReader: fixed a book deletion problem for the on-device bookshelf. Changed the background on the iPad for the Find and Color Picker dialogs so that the controls can be seen easeir Kobo: choose from left or fully justified text layout from reading settings. Enjoy an improved animated page turn effect. Performance and stability improvements....

iPad e-book app review: Fictionwise eReader for iPad
July 31, 2010 | 6:33 pm

iPad-eReader 013 Well, right now it’s snowing down below and the devil is skiing to work. I was convinced that there was no way a version of Fictionwise’s eReader would come out for iPad, now that Barnes & Noble was busy trying to push the Nook and its own tied-in eReader at all costs. In April, Fictionwise’s customer service outright said there were then “no plans to update the iPhone eReader app for iPad.” But in the last couple of weeks, surprise surprise, out came a new iPad-compatible eReader. I’m still not entirely sure why. Are Barnes & Noble still...

A secret weapon for authors
July 26, 2010 | 9:36 am

images.jpgThe real secret weapon for authors these days has nothing to do with self-publishing versus Big Publishing, or posting the book here versus posting it there. The real secret weapon? Treat your book like any other product and provide superior customer service! Here is a brief example of an author who went the extra mile and made such a positive impression on me that he'll have my eyeballs---for the duration of the free sample, anyway---for any book he ever puts out again. Joe Haldeman, I salute you and you have won me as a fan. THE CRISIS The short version is, I lost...

Quick Notes: Verizon e-book tablets, HP Slate, Android eReader, Barnes & Noble ‘freebies’
July 21, 2010 | 7:15 am

Engadget reports that Verizon is getting a pair of e-book reading devices—one 7”, one 10”—in September, and the name “Entourage” has been thrown around in connection with them. Are they going to be made by the company Entourage, currently known for the dual-screened Edge? Are they going to be dual-screened like the Edge, or just tablets? Nobody knows at this point. On the other hand, our sister blog Gadgetell reports that Sharp is releasing 5.5” and 10.8” color LCD tablets through Verizon later this year (see also this TeleRead story), with 3G enabled. Is this something entirely different...

Quick Note: eReader updated
July 20, 2010 | 9:47 am

Screen shot 2009-11-05 at 8.58.43 AM.pngeReader has been updated to 2.1.2. According to the App Store it has been updated for iOS 4 and now natively supports the iPad....

Finding an ebook to buy
July 5, 2010 | 10:12 am

images.jpegHow many hours do you spend sitting at your computer for work and pleasure? How many hours are you willing to spend reading an ebook on your work computer? How many additional hours are you willing to spend to search through ebook websites to find an ebook to read? I find these latter two questions to be the ones that haunt me as I try to find an ebook to buy and read. I broached this topic in an earlier article, Finding the Needle in a Haystack of Needles (II): eBooksellers, but didn’t really delve into the problem of reading on...

Fictionwise ends Micropay rebate program
June 29, 2010 | 9:38 pm

It looks like another chapter in Fictionwise’s existence has come to a close. Fictionwise is ending its Micropay e-book rebate program. Until June 2010 Fictionwise had a Micropay System that allowed deposits by members and supported micropay rebate promotions on some ebooks. Rebates and deposits for this system have been discontinued due to eBook industry changes and other factors. If you have an existing balance you may still use it until it is exhausted, but no further deposits may be made and there will be no further Micropay Rebates other than Buywise Large Transaction Rebates....

Finding the needle in a haystack of needles (2): ebooksellers
June 17, 2010 | 2:04 pm

images-2.jpegI have “bought” more than 400 ebooks since I received my Sony Reader as a gift 2.5 years ago. I put “bought” in quotes because about half of the ebooks I “bought” were free ebooks; the other half I paid for. But I’ve noticed a significant downward trend in my buying of ebooks in the past few months, and I have finally realized why that is occurring: frustration with the ebookseller experience. Before someone jumps up and says how wonderful and easy the buying is at Amazon with the wireless downloading to the Kindle and the 1-click payment system, let me...

Star Trek books no longer on
May 24, 2010 | 7:05 am

51Nau7aVIYL._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA115_.jpgReceived the following email from reader John Hagewood. Anyone got any insight into this? I purchased many many books from from 2000 until 2009, going way back to the palm digital media and peanut press days. For years, they were my favorite seller...loved the format, the reader, and the social DRM. A lot of what I purchased were Star Trek books. I was just revisiting my library there today via the PC and the iPhone, updating my expired CC and trying to reset my unlock codes. Then I started clicking through from my bookshelf to...

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