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Will the next Voyage work with an optional solar-power case from Amazon? RUMOR alert!
July 19, 2015 | 4:57 pm

feature-accessories._V325436015_Will the next Kindle Voyage appear in November and offer a zippier chip for nicer page-changing and other amenities? I find the rumor to be plausible, at least. Now here's some fun speculation, if you want to call it that, out of China. The next Voyage is supposed to work with an optional solar-powered case. Also, the bezel is supposed to be much smaller. A MobileReader has tried make sense of the Chinese, with help from Google Translate: "Undisclosed Kindle By Amazon, revolutionary exterior, the same screen as previous gen kindle but reduced the frame to 60%( similar to that Nano5 to Nano6 ), unsymmetric design, wedge-shaped panel,...

TeleRead Links: E-books by phone and candle? Apple Siri and music hassles. Streaming vs. ripping.
July 18, 2015 | 2:02 am

candleUSBIndoor candle device is designed to keep phones charged ( An emergency generator for your phone at time of power outages? That's an offer in the form of a crowdfunded-campaign item called Candle Charger. It offers USB power when you need it, designed to keep phones souped up when the grid cannot. Two ingredients are involved: a candle and water, together behaving as a little indoor power plant for smartphones, to make sure you stay connected no matter what. The TeleRead Take: It seems too good to be true, but apparently not—Biolite also makes a Peltier-cooler-equipped campstove for device charging in the...

Where’s the WordPress of e-book creation software? Corporate egos, not tech issues, are the real problem
July 14, 2015 | 10:58 am

egomanSigil and Screwdrivers: What Makes an Ebook Development Tool?, Keith Snyder's piece in Digital Book World, asks a valid question for the moment. But here's a better one for the long term. When will we get the WordPress of e-book creation software? It'll be something free or low-cost that experts can adapt. And yet novices can almost immediately use it toward at least halfway decent-looking results. Yes, there are all kinds of tools, ranging from free ones to Adobe's pricey InDesign 1.0. But so often there is some kind of catch, which genuine compliance with good e-book standards could help mitigate. In a guest post for the Book Designer, for example,...

Want to enjoy e-books more and retain more from them? Here are my e-book literacy tips. Your own?
July 13, 2015 | 9:17 am

LudditeNed Ludd, the tech-hater, is dead. But critics of e-books live on, and they are not entirely wrong. Many people do not retain as much from e-books as from p-books, nor are they as comfortable reading them. But who says they can’t learn to love E and absorb more than ever? Up with e-book literacy! Below I'll share e-book literacy tips, summing up what I've mentioned earlier on the TeleRead site. Why not add your own wisdom in our comments section? COMFORT 1. Pick the right e-reading device, since they're like hearing aids and eyeglasses. What works for Janice may not for Jane, and vice versa....

TeleRead Links: U.S. lags in E Ink reader development—why? ePub creation tips. Why Zuckerberg and Musk read utopian sci-fi.
July 11, 2015 | 9:39 am

imcoG6TWL_i3gx2y7g1. Why is there no e-ink innovation in the U.S. (MobileRead) The TeleRead take:  Why is the Kindle line---well, so meh? All kinds of E Ink goodies are on sale from companies in Asia and European (more information here). But from Amazon? Well, better screens, and we read plausible rumors of a powerful chip in the next Voyage. And, yes, the hardware over the years has gotten sleeker and sleeker. But on the whole, the variety and innovation aren’t there to the extent they should be. Where are the Amazon eight-inch E In devices with high-res displays and frontlighting? Have tablets really...

TeleRead Links: New Harper Lee novel excerpt online for free. Exotic e-readers on Amazon. Wattpad as a sales-booster for writers.
July 10, 2015 | 9:27 am

GoSetAWatchmanBy popular demand, TeleRead Links will remain even if our links roundups won’t appear as often, or at a regular time. Our fare today: 1. This morning Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman finally reaches the public after 60 years (the Guardian). You can read the first chapter or hear Reese Witherspoon do so, read a favorable review and keep up with the reactions over at the Guardian. The TeleRead take: I can’t wait to read the Kindle edition (Amazon buying link---to help us pay our writers). It's  available July 14. Here’s the first sentence of Watchman from the author of To Kill a...

Kindle news: New iOS app update—plus rumor of Voyage 2 in November
July 9, 2015 | 9:46 am

Kindle VoyageA Kindle update for the iPad and iPhone, version 4.10, is rolling out with an "About the Book" feature, according to Nate. The really, really fun news of the day is a rumor---passed on by Good E-Reader---about a Voyage 2 appearing in November with a higher-speed processor. Bottom line, reportedly? No more page flickers.  The Voyage 2 is to use a Freescale dual core chip. Photo is of the existing Voyage. Is the rumor true? I can't say. But I find it very plausible since E Ink development hasn't been as rapid as many had hoped, and if Amazon lacks other good display alternatives for the...

E-book insanity at the Washington Post: Michael Rosenwald’s e-bashing just won’t stop. Lively stories vs. the truth.
July 8, 2015 | 6:43 pm

MichaelRosenwaldAlbert Einstein supposedly nailed down a good definition of "insanity." It’s "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." That fits Washington Post staff writer Michael S. Rosenwald, with one notable exception. He almost always ends up with the same results---mostly negative publicity about e-books---and I don’t think he minds. Rosenwald's latest gem is Where are the books? Libraries under fire as they shift from print to digital. The really weird thing is that Rosenwald is a confessed iPad and Kindle owner who is probably smarter than his persona in certain Post articles. But the truth mustn't get in the...

Cellphone e-reading on the cheap? Amazon Fire phone just $60 today if you subtract $99 Prime Membership credit from $159 sale price
July 8, 2015 | 1:04 pm

FirePhoneMoon+ProReader Usually going for $450, Amazon's unlocked 4.7-inch Fire Phone is a steal today at just $60 if you subtract the $99 Prime Membership credit from the $159 sale price as a Deal of the Day. I own one. Some months ago---I normally go with other phones, because of the plans I have in place---my Fire Phone was not just able to run Amazon apps. It could also run Moon+ Reader Pro and other favorites from the Google Play Store after I made a certain tweak. Whatever the reason, though, the hack stopped working, according to an item on Nate's site. Then some people brought it back. Scroll through...

Use mouse or physical keyboard with your next e-reader? Bluetooth could make it happen
July 8, 2015 | 5:09 am

BluetoothOne of the great hits of TeleRead right now is Chris Meadows' post on using a Bluetooth mouse with an Android tablet. I'm not surprised. But what about E Ink machines like the Paperwhite? As with text to speech, Bluetooth is missing from Amazon's E Ink devices. Don't know the term? The tech is named after the Viking king Harald Blåtand, a Dane, shown below. He was enough of a communicator and smooth talker to unify Denmark and Norway for a stretch. E-book devices should do a Blåtand act and communicate well with keyboards, mice and other accessories. Ideally, Amazon and other e-reader makers will pay attention. If writer-publisher Michael...

Michelle Rhee is just as clueless about e-books as she is about ‘school reform’
July 7, 2015 | 6:13 am

Michelle Rhee Make summer reading lists fun and educational - The Washington PostMichelle Rhee, the so-called school reformer, is a female Gradgrind who used to run the schools in Washington, D.C. Like Dickens' headmaster in Hard Times, Rhee has dedicated her life to squeezing the joy out of learning. If you want to learn more about Rhee and her ilk and the damage they've done, please read Diane Ravitch and Nikhil Goyal as well as Washington Post education writer Valerie Strauss.  Now chair of of a chain of charter schools, Ms. Rhee teems with chutzpah, and the latest example is her Post essay headlined Make summer reading lists fun and educational. Who cares that excessive prep for standardized testing, a pet cause of...

New e-book software on the way from New York Public Library: Relief ahead for DRM-tortured patrons in your city, too?
July 6, 2015 | 5:36 am

NYPL_Lion"Tired of DRM and customer log-in schemes used to sell you more stuff? Simply enter your library card number...once...and start reading, from your library, for free. If you don't have a library card…just sign up for one with the app!" The TeleRead take:  The Library Simplified project aims to "employ technology, innovation in library policies, and the full range of library offerings to deliver a better experience to more patrons." Funding will come from the New York Public Library and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The project, inspired by the goals of Readers First, a group working toward more usable digital tech for...

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