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Shebooks: do we need a place for strictly female readers?
January 4, 2014 | 12:14 pm

shebooksA new digital publishing company made itself known this week when Shebooks announced it was entering the e-singles market. The company essentially wants to be the place women can go buy original fiction, non-fiction and journalism by women. “Women writers are looking for new outlets for their most personal work, and women readers crave great reads that fit into their busy lives,” said Laura Fraser, editorial director and a co-founder of Shebooks, in a release. The idea of the site sounds interesting – for women, by women. But do we really need a place to cater to just female readers? Women – that’s a huge...

Amazon launches imprint StoryFront for short fiction
December 4, 2013 | 2:20 pm

storyfrontAmazon has launched a new imprint offering short fiction – StoryFront. StoryFront launched with 43 stories, including a couple that were featured in Day One, Amazon’s new weekly literary digital magazine. “Based on the continued success of short fiction on Kindle as well as the enthusiastic response to Day One—we received thousands of subscriptions in the first week—we know readers are hungry for short stories and excited about exploring new genres,” said Daphne Durham, Publisher of Adult Trade and Children’s Group, in a release. “With StoryFront, we’re feeding that enthusiasm by offering a wide range of stories curated by a team of...

Longreads looking to reach 5,000 members
October 23, 2013 | 6:15 pm

longreadsE-singles and longform stories have found a place on the digital world. People have enjoyed reading content longer than a typical blog post and getting in-depth information on a specific topic. It also helps kill time. Mark Armstrong founded Longreads nearly five years ago. The site caters to those who enjoy longform writing whether fiction or non-fiction. Anything longer than 1,500 words is considered for the site. Armstrong and his team at Longreads are pushing a member drive to get the site to 5,000 members. People can sign for $3 a month or $30 a year. Teleread had the opportunity to chat with...

Amazon Update: Fun Friday Kindle e-books and more
August 2, 2013 | 6:31 pm

AmazonBy Moe Zilla I’ve been amazed by just how many discounts Amazon has started offering on their Kindle e-books. Right now there’s at least three different sales going on, plus at least one fascinating free e-book that just turned up in Amazon’s Kindle Store. And there was some surprising news about Amazon this week, including an article about how they’re pricing their books. Here’s some fun links to both the sales and the stories, to help you celebrate the arrival of the weekend with your Kindle! Amazon Discounts 500 More E-Books! The best discount is a surprise discount, and browsing Amazon this week I discovered a very special announcement:...

My DRM-Free Year, Month 7: Humble Bundle and other subscription fun
August 1, 2013 | 12:25 pm

DRM-FreeRead all the installments of “My DRM-Free Year” Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov-Dec * * * July was a busy reading month for me. Some of my reading time was sucked up by the textbook-free online course I was taking, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed learning without a book. All the readings could be conveniently clicked from within my Web browser, and from there, they could be not just read, but saved to Evernote for searching, annotating and organizing. Very useful! July also saw the release of a new e-book bundle from the folks at Humble Bundle. I love the concept of what...

Morning Roundup: Free Obama e-single; Canada’s best-read city; and more
August 1, 2013 | 8:48 am

Morning Roundup3 Reasons Educational Book Publishing is Booming (Digital Book World) Creative breakthroughs are happening in educational publishing like never before. Justin Hamilton, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Amplify, thinks he knows why. * * * The Sun (UK) Launches Innovative Digital Paywall (Good e-Reader) What is very exciting, is how the Sun is taking a departure from the standard way news companies make money online and doing some fairly innovative things. * * * Amazon's Interview with President Obama is Now Available as a Free Kindle Single (GigaOM) Amazon’s interview with President Obama is now available free in the Kindle Store. * * * Vancouver #1 Most...

Amazon Launches Kindle Single Interviews
July 26, 2013 | 11:23 am

Kindle Single InterviewsI do like what Amazon is doing with short-form writing, and the Kindle Singles Interviews is a good addition to the Singles family. The series debuts with an interview with Shimon Peres, the President of Israel, and it'll set you back a whopping $0.99. I know: You can get entire novels for that price, but I still think this is a good idea. It had seemed like short-form reading had been going out of favor as fewer magazines devoted to them were available. It's a great niche for the e-format, however. No printing costs. Easy distribution. All the factors that have made...

Review: Star Dispatches eReads
May 28, 2013 | 11:00 am

Star DispatchesI've written before about the Toronto Star newspaper's new-ish eReads program, Star Dispatches. But I've never written about it as a subscriber—I signed up two weeks ago, and am pleased to report that, in my mind at least, the service is a big hit! The program is simple. A dollar a week gets you a new e-book every Friday—you can download it right from the email into the app of your choice (PDF for reading on the computer, or your choice of EPUB or Mobi for iBooks, Kobo or Kindle reading). As a subscriber, you can also access the library of past installments...

Toronto Star Recognized for Success in E-Book Experiment
May 15, 2013 | 9:30 am

Toronto StarI wrote previously about Star Dispatches, an e-book subscription service being produced by the Toronto Star. According to this article on The Star's website, they're being recognized for this series with two Online Media Awards. The service has an intriguing set-up where, for a nominal fee, subscribers get a new e-book sent to them every week. There is no à la carte purchase, but the weekly fee is so affordable that subscriber retention has been high. From the admittedly self-congratulatory write-up: "We’re extremely proud of the stories being told in our weekly eRead format, our subscribers are highly satisfied and the business model has...

SL eBooks Turns Hollywood’s Best Unproduced Screenplays Into E-Singles
May 6, 2013 | 11:20 pm

SL eBooksOver the past two or three months, you may have begun to notice that nearly every time you get around to catching up on your digital publishing news, yet another media outlet is announcing their new e-book division. And that's definitely a good thing—don't get me wrong. But so many of the bigger media companies launching digital imprints today seem to be repurposing much more old content than they are creating new stories. To me, that sometimes comes as a bit of a disappointment. It seems a little cheap, almost. But a new company that refers to itself as a digital...

Toronto Star’s New ‘Star Dispatches’ Series: An E-Book Experiment
April 15, 2013 | 12:15 pm

Toronto StarMedia Shift has a great write-up of the Toronto Star's new monthly e-book subscription, called Star Dispatches. I know I've mentioned the Star's e-book experiment before, but this particular article goes into a lot of detail about how the series was created, and how its unique subscription feature works. From the article: Sandy MacLeod, vice president of consumer marketing at the Toronto Star, said their market research showed it took an "incredible amount of marketing" to produce single-copy e-books that generally sold 100 to 300 downloads at $4.99 each. The math just didn't work out to make a viable business case, he...

Tim Waterstone wants to avoid the slush pile with Read Petite, his new digital imprint
April 12, 2013 | 1:29 pm

Tim Waterstone is embarking on a new e-book project. It kind of involves owning a bookstore again. Sort of. Waterstone talked about his new venture, Read Petite, with The Guardian this week. It will be officially announced to the public at the London Book Fair next week. Read Petite is a digital imprint for short-form e-books. It will include fiction and non-fiction titles, according to The Guardian. The site will use a monthly subscription format and have unlimited access to all the work, which will be about 9,000 words or fewer. Here's Waterstone, as quoted in The Guardian: A lot of the best short fiction has...

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