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Think e-book sales are slumping? Think again
January 6, 2014 | 12:54 pm

How_to_Lie_with_Statistics_Book_Cover.67104008_stdIn his latest column in the Irish Times, Eoin Purcell addresses the myth of the “e-book slump” that has been promulgated in the last few months. The apparent “slump” can be explained by the absence of new smash hits like The Hunger Games and Fifty Shades of Grey that gave the previous year’s e-book figures an uncharacteristic amount of inflation. He also notes that the American Association of Publishers figures don’t take into account self-publishing, which accounts for 25% of Amazon’s e-book sales. One of the problems is that ebooks have become so large a market,...

Are E-Book Sales Declining in Canada?
May 22, 2013 | 11:15 am

e-bookAn interesting report is circulating the book blogs, alleging that e-book sales in Canada are down almost five percent. I've seen reporting on the Booknet Canada report on at least 3 blogs (for example, here and here and here, but nobody seems quite sure what to make of it. We're selling lots and lots of devices here in Canada, aren't we? We're Kobo's number one country! So what, exactly, are we reading? Are e-book sales on the decline? Here are a few thoughts about what may be going on here: 1. Device Availability is Limited This is partly because the retail scene is limited! We've only just gotten Target here, and it opened...

Apple: Collusion on E-Book Pricing or Just Tough Talks?
May 16, 2013 | 10:37 am

The New York Times and Reuters ran articles recently that tell opposing stories about Apple's role in agency pricing. In the Times story, the Justice Department paints a picture of Apple as the ringleader of agency pricing. In the Reuters story, Apple insists that it just had tough talks with the publishers about the future of e-books and pricing. Apple had an interesting claim in the Reuters article that had me hunting down some history. Here's their claim: It [Apple] says that e-book demand "exploded" with Apple's iPad launch, and the average retail price of an e-book dropped to $7.34 from $7.97. I can't...

E-Retailers now accounting for nearly half of book sales
March 18, 2013 | 11:20 am

E-RetailersWe've finally tipped the balance, according to a recent Bowkers study. In the U.S., through November, in 2012, almost 44 percent of books were sold online, versus almost 32 percent sold in large retail chains, independent bookstores, other mass merchandisers and supermarkets. No, they weren't all e-books, but a goodly percentage of them were. Twenty-eight percent of all book purchases in the U.S. were e-books. According to the study, supermarkets, mass merchandisers and indie bookstores held their market share while big-chain bookstores lost share. DBW speculates the demise of Borders might be a significant part of that, and it sounds reasonable to...

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