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Self-publishers beware! Just got a ‘Great Offer’ that’s anything but
August 14, 2013 | 8:00 am

Note: Please scroll to the bottom of this post for an update from the author. An email showed up today from an "Insight Publishing" with a great e-book conversion deal for me. They will take my Word document or PDF and turn it into an e-book for the reduced price of $400! That's down from their usual price of $500. So glad they lowered that price because they've made it go from ridiculous to merely ludicrous. (Or should it be the other way round?) Anyway, that's a horrible price for e-book conversion. BB ebooks, which I use, is so much less that it...

Creating Chapter Breaks in Calibre from Word Docs
August 12, 2013 | 4:00 pm

Calibre Plugins Now that Calibre can convert Word documents into e-books, it's become even easier to create books with proper chapter breaks. I'd experimented with the "Edit ToC" feature in Calibre before, but I hadn't been able to get it to work quite right. Then over the weekend, as I was creating e-books from some fanfics I found on Livejournal, I figured it out. Cut and paste your text into a Word document and locate your chapter headings. Odds are they look like the highlighted text in the following screen shot: Highlight the text and click the "Heading Style" (where the red arrow is...

Should self-published authors use an e-book conversion service?
February 12, 2013 | 1:22 pm

I've written plenty on this site about e-book conversion (most recently here and here), and I almost skipped over the Bowker press release. I'm glad I decided to investigate further. Okay, quick details first. From the release: Once an author has decided to self-publish, the next step of creating an eBook alongside print is obvious – it is too big a market. Not too far in the future I believe we’ll drop the “e” and we’ll just have books,” stated DCL CEO Mark Gross. “We applaud Bowker for recognizing the need for trustworthy conversion services for its customers, and are honored to...

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