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Moon+ Reader Back on Google Play! And On Sale!
February 8, 2013 | 10:00 am

Some of you may have read that Moon+ Reader was pulled from Google Play about a week ago, for a bogus copyright infringement claim. Nate over at The Digital Reader had a good story about it. A few days later, the developer had an apology from Litres, the company who made the bogus claim. I tried to read the apology, but my Russian is non-existent. If any readers want to give us an overview of the apology, it's here. The good news is that the developer received lots of support and coverage of the story. Scroll down to see the list of...

Quick Notes: London Book Fair, Prizmo, Overdrive audiobooks, Barnes & Noble + Salon, Apple
April 21, 2010 | 7:20 pm has a piece from the London Book Fair looking at opposition to the idea of “enhanced” e-books. Karolina Sutton, senior agent at Curtis Brown, expresses concern that only “superbooks” will get the expensive enhanced treatment, leaving midlist authors out in the cold. She is also concerned that the “gimickiness […] distracts from the actual word.” Also from the London Book Fair, Publishing Perspectives brings a look at comic books as iPhone and iPhone apps, as well as discussion of what the best way to translate comic books to such a format might be. Comic book creators are...

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