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DBW Ebook Best-Seller Power Rankings show Hachette should worry as Big Five dominate
August 18, 2014 | 10:25 am

DBW_New_300.jpgThe latest DBW Ebook Best-Seller Power Rankings, "a list of publishers whose ebooks have appeared on the weekly DBW Ebook Best-Seller list" from Digital Book World, show that the entire Hachette/Amazon spat appears to be making little difference to Big Publishing's success in the ebook arena. Nor, alas, is all the hype over self-publishing and digital disruption of the traditional publishing hierarchy. Because Big Five publishers, including Hachette, hog the top three slots in the Power Rankings, with nary an Amazon-led-chokeoff-of-book-availability to be seen. As DBW observes, "the two largest trade publishers in the world controlled nearly two-thirds of all ebook best-sellers...

Are Amazon editors really that independent?
July 3, 2014 | 4:25 pm

As Amazon finally steps up its own defense in the ongoing spat with Hachette to the tune of well-orchestrated background noise, one of the odder appearances to come out is a piece in Digital Book World declaring "Amazon Editors Independent, Above Hachette-Amazon Fray." States the article, "Editors at Amazon who make decisions about the retailer’s 'best books' and featured picks work independently of the team negotiating with publisher Hachette over a new agreement between the firms." It then goes on to cite Amazon's "two lists of featured books meant to entice readers to buy," the Amazon’s Best Books of 2014 (So...

Publishers go off deep end, pay consultant to tell them what they want to hear
April 3, 2014 | 1:24 pm

Diogenes-statue-Sinop-enhancedSo, let me get this straight. Frank Luby, a consultant speaking at Digital Book World, says that e-books are more convenient than printed books, and therefore, they should cost more. Is this some kind of a joke? Apparently not; it was posted April 2, and people elsewhere seem to be taking it seriously. This is so wrong I hardly even know where to begin. It’s true that I can see how publishers would want to hear what this guy has to say. Basically, he’s telling them only what they already believe themselves. And it’s a belief they...

Where is Amazon Weak?
July 25, 2013 | 4:04 pm

AmazonDigital Book World has an intriguing analysis up today about Amazon's "weak points." With all the chatter about how "invincible" Amazon is and how much power they wield in publishing today, Andrew Rhomberg highlights some of the areas where Amazon actually might not be the Best of All—areas where a savvy competitor might find a way to wedge their foot into the door. So what does Rhomberg perceive the weaknesses are?  Social media • A too-established user base who won't welcome interface changes • Nobody is 'addicted' to it • Does not share its data well with other stakeholders There's more in the article. Happy reading!...

Oh no! Amazon’s raising prices! (Or … maybe not)
July 8, 2013 | 4:23 pm

AmazonAll weekend I saw this New York Times story making the rounds of various blogs. Basically, the point of the article was that Amazon is (once again) being a terrible company by raising prices. Well, if you read further, they aren't actually being accused of raising prices but of reducing the discounts. Which, yes, does mean the same thing to the consumer, but which has a different connotation nonetheless. Digital Book World was particularly strident in their coverage of this story. Here's their quote: "The moment many have feared in the book publishing industry may be finally here, according to the New York...

Average price of best-selling e-books see a near $2 spike from last week
June 13, 2013 | 8:47 pm

e-booksA best-selling author putting out a new book can wreak havoc on the average price of best-selling e-books. This was shown this week when the average price of best-selling e-books spiked by about $2 to $8.92, as reported by Digital Book World. DBW has kept track of the average prices of e-books from week-to-week since August 2012. Last year, the average price was in the double digits and regularly dropped to its lowest point in April at $6.58 a book, according to a chart compiled by DBW. The biggest cause for the spike is likely Sylvia Day’s newest book, "Entwined with You," hitting...

Best-Seller Lists: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?
April 18, 2013 | 10:20 am

Best SellerDigital Book World has been compiling weekly e-book bestseller lists for some time, and in the latest analysis they've made on them, Jeremy Greenfield alleges to have found an e-book pricing "sweet spot." What he means by this is that in looking at data over the last four months, very few books have made the best-seller chart whose price exceeded $8."The literal translation of this observation is that readers aren’t buying many books at that price point. It could suggest that there are few popular titles being priced in that range," Greenfield concludes But is this a fair conclusion? My experience has been...

Steps We Must Consider When Pricing E-Books? Really?
April 16, 2013 | 1:15 pm

E-BooksWhen I read the DBW article yesterday entitled "7 Must-Consider Strategies for Ebook Pricing," I ended up scratching my head. What happened to "listen to the consumer and what they consistently tell you they want?" That sounds like a good idea when considering pricing e-books. Apparently not. It started with strategy #1. "Charge extra for convenience." Here's the quote: Though ebooks cost less to print, ship, and stock than paper books, they’re much more convenient for readers. So why not charge extra for that convenience? With this strategy, the price of an ebook would be higher than its equivalent in paper—isn’t immediate...

Average price of best-selling e-books on the decline
April 9, 2013 | 11:45 am

e-booksE-books seem to be costing consumers less money. Digital Book World tracks the prices of e-books on the best-sellers lists every week. Last week, the news site found e-books on the lists averaged more than $8 a book. After a week where a new publisher (Macmillan) allowed discounted prices, the average price of e-books on the best-sellers list dropped to $7.21, a record low, according to DBW. One of the more interesting notes from DBW’s research is that $9.99 doesn’t seem to be a popular price anymore. This price point has been reserved for newer popular books and those that retailers can definitely...

DBW’s “When will Kindles become free?” misses the mark
March 15, 2013 | 8:33 pm

KindlesIt's interesting to me how often people misunderstand the appeal of Amazon and its products. Over at Digital Book World today, Beth Bacon asked, "When will Kindle's become free?" While it's not a bad question—and I do think the day of the free Kindle (or another brand of e-reader) is coming—I think she missed an important point. Consumers who think about their hardware purchases this way (do I want an e-reader, a tablet, or both?) are probably more likely to spring for a tablet with an Android, MacOS, or Windows OS if they can possibly afford it. Those who are looking for...

Digital Book World is back online
February 26, 2013 | 1:34 pm

Digital Book World logo DBW logoThe Digital Book World website has been down since at least 9:00 am EST this morning, for reasons unknown even to its editorial staff, from what we understand. But DBW's IT team has been hard at work on the problem—whatever it was—for the majority of the day, and the site now seems to be back up and working fine. Nice to have you back, DBW....

The Gamification of Books: Good Idea, or Bad?
February 26, 2013 | 11:00 am

Gamification badges There was an interesting article in yesterday's Morning Links about the 'gamification' of books. I had first heard this term in response to the Reading Life feature on the Kobo platform, which awards you 'badges' for such activities as reading at a certain time in the day, reading a certain number of books, using a dictionary or bookmark feature, and so on. But this article was coming at it from a different aspect: using the 'concept of game mechanics' to 'pull the reader through a book.' Jeremy Greenfield of Digital Book World, the article's author, suggests applying these strategies to children's...

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