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The CEA’s Gary Shapiro to host a Reddit AMA tomorrow
February 25, 2013 | 5:07 pm

CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro Reddit AMA Ask Me AnythingThe modern phenomenon known as the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session is perhaps a perfect example of the sort of knowledge acquisition that is only possible because of the Internet. But you know that already. Here's something you probably don't know: A gentleman by the name of Gary Shapiro will be hosting a Reddit AMA tomorrow (that's Tuesday, February 26) from 2-3 pm EST. If you have any interest in the future of consumer electronics and consumer technology industry in general, this is one you probably shouldn't miss. That's because Gary Shapiro is both the president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics...

More tablet/netbook hybrids on the way, but what to call them?
January 29, 2011 | 6:24 pm

U1_Hero_04_610x447Plenty of hybrid tablet/laptop devices are on their way. Dan Ackerman on CNet reports on four prototypes that were shown at CES—tablets with keyboards that flip out from behind, or slide out of hidden slots, and so on. These could offer the benefit of tablets for easy reading and net surfing, then turn into full-fledged Windows netbooks with keyboards when more physical input is needed. Ackerman wonders what the best name for such a device would be, however. “What should one call a tablet with a sliding or foldout keyboard? A laptab? A keylet? A tabtop? A keyvertible?” ...

Over 80 tablets shown at CES this year
January 6, 2011 | 2:30 am

tenone_designs_ten_1_fling_game_controller_ipadThe Consumer Electronics Show is on, and the RSS feeds are being flooded by scads of posts about this or that new tablet or e-reader. If I tried to cover all of them, I could be here all night. In fact, PC Magazine reports that over 80 tablets are going to be shown at the CES this year, many of them using Google’s new “Honeycomb” version of Android. But how many of those tablets are going to be around by the end of the year? If you’ll recall, 2010’s CES showcased about a zillion e-readers, the majority of which...

CNet rounds up CES e-readers, their current states
December 13, 2010 | 7:15 am

ces-ereaderCNet has another one of those year-end retrospective articles that start popping up around this time. This one looks at the scads of e-book readers that were introduced in the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and follows up to find out what happened to them all. What do I mean by “scads”? The article is in the form of a photo gallery that has 23 pages (though some readers get two pages devoted to them). Some of these readers, such as the Aluratek Libre, have done pretty well. Many, like Plastic Logic’s Que or Hearst’s Skiff, ended up...

iPad has fastest adoption rate ever
October 5, 2010 | 7:15 am

ipad1[1] CNBC’s Fast Money has more good iPad news: Bernstein Research reports that the iPad is becoming the fastest-adopted non-phone consumer technology ever, selling three million units in the first 80 days and now about 4.5 million units per quarter. For comparison, the DVD—previously cited as one of the fastest-adopted consumer tech items—sold 350,000 units in its first quarter. The iPhone sold one million. The report notes that the iPad is not only cannibalizing notebook and netbook sales, but could also be affecting sales of other big-ticket items like TVs and digital cameras—not many households can afford to buy...

Is this the time to take the plunge? New reading devices appear
September 7, 2010 | 12:08 pm

images.jpgWithin the last 60 days there has been a bevy of announcements of new ereading devices. Amazon announced what is popularly called the Kindle 3 and Sony has announced 3 new models — the 350, 650, and 950. How far behind other makers will be is hard to tell, but the upcoming holiday season should be a good one for device buyers. So the question is this: Is this the time to take the plunge and buy a dedicated ereading device if you don’t already own one? The companion question, of course, is if you own one that is more than...

Sony, Sony – wherefore art thou?
August 12, 2010 | 10:09 am

images.jpg   The “big” news ebook reading devices recently has been Amazon’s new Kindles with their Pearl screen. OK, ebookers got the point: Amazon is moving right along in its attempt to capture the wallets of all ebookers. Which raises the question, here in the United States, “Sony, Sony (and Barnes & Noble, as well) — Wherefore art thou?” Not a hint, not a misspoken word, not anything leaked to eBookland about a response by Sony and/or B&N to Amazon’s new Kindles. I, for one, am desperately seeking solace, especially from Sony, that there will be new competitive...

iPod Touch or Kindle for kids: extravagant or practical?
August 1, 2010 | 10:46 pm

images.jpgA recent exchange on a message board I frequent led me to a surprising realization: there is a demand for ebook readers even for very young children, and it might not be a device maker that wins this niche at all. It might be a peripheral maker. Here's why. The initial poster was looking for advice on a reading device for her toddler daughter, let's call her D. D is already an avid reader, enjoys paper books immensely, and also enjoys playing with Beatrix Potter downloads on Mama's Kindle (she can turn the pages already herself). Mama never thought she would consider...

Round up of electronic readers
September 11, 2009 | 7:36 am

images.jpeg Kindle Review has a summary, with comments, on seemingly all available, and rumored, ereaders. It makes an excellent reference. Covered are Dell, Asus, Sony, Kindle, Foxit, Neolux, Azbooka, Hanlin, BeBook, Cool-er, Samsung, Bookeen, Onyx, Hanlin, Pocketbook, txtr, Plastic Logic, Apple, Netronix, iRex, Fujitsu and Brother....

Two weeks with a Sony PRS-700: Audio, and ‘adios’
June 10, 2009 | 5:03 pm

100_3320 And now I come to the end of my two-week experiment with the Sony Reader PRS-700. It’s been interesting, and I’ll have some last thoughts on the whole experience after the jump. But as I was getting ready to package the device up, I realized there was one last function that I hadn’t tested yet: how it played audio. Audio The device came pre-loaded with two piano jazz MP3s by Jun-ichi Nagahara, so I plugged in my earphones and listened through them. The control scheme was simple enough: a pause button, a slider showing how far through an audio file one...

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