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BISG report: Ebook slowdown or not?
November 6, 2013 | 2:58 pm

The latest report on "Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading" from the Book Industry Study Group, Inc. (BISG), "the book industry's leading trade association for policy, standards, and research," declares that " e-book growth has slowed and currently comprises about 30% of books sold." Report Two in the series, "powered by Nielsen Book Research and now in its fourth and final year," the study claims to reveal "an emerging consensus around e-books and maturing consumption patterns, with important implications for trade publishers and content creators and distributors." Jo Henry, Director of Nielsen Book Research, claims in the BISG material that: "It is...

Textbook Piracy: Growing problem or reasonable solution?
August 23, 2013 | 6:59 pm

online learningCollege ended about 10 years ago for me. That wasn’t the dark ages of technology. We all had laptops and cell phones and constantly checked email. We all worried about the prices of textbooks too. Part of me wonders what it would be like if I went to college now. Colleges are starting their fall semesters right about now, and students are scrambling to find cheap versions of their textbooks for classes. These costs add up. College students find themselves spending hundreds of dollars just on books alone. I was lucky, and tended to read the books in the library or buy them...

E-Book Sales Up 43 Percent From Last Year
May 15, 2013 | 3:18 pm

E-BookThe numbers of e-books sold every year continues to rise, and publishers are making more money from them, too. Data from the annual BookStats study released by the Association of American Publishers and the Book Industry Study Group on Wednesday May 15 showed 457 million e-books were sold last year, accounting for 20 percent of all book sales reported by publishers. That’s up from 15 percent last year. Sales of fiction e-books rose by 42 percent in 2012, while the growth in sales of nonfiction e-books was just 22 percent. Perhaps most telling, however, was the fact the "e-book sales in the children’s...

Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Appoints New Executive Director
April 26, 2013 | 3:26 pm

IBPAThe Independent Book Publishers Association yesterday announced that it has selected Angela Bole, currently the deputy executive director of the Book Industry Study Group, as the association’s next executive director. Bole will be replacing Florrie Binford Kichler, who will be retiring from the IBPA this June. “IBPA has been uniquely positioned as the heart and soul of independent publishing for 30 years,” said Angela Bole, in a release. “Being extremely passionate about books and storytelling in all possible genres and formats, I knew right away IBPA was the perfect fit. It’s a community center, a support network, an education hub, and proof that it’s...

Study shows tablets continue to overtake e-readers
April 8, 2013 | 12:00 pm

tabletsMy e-reader sits on the bookshelf, dust growing on it every day. My Nook Simple Touch used to be one of my favorite gadgets—I carried it everywhere, even just to sneak a couple of pages here and there. I’ve replaced my e-reader with a tablet. I ordered a Nexus 7 last July (a birthday present) when the first batch was ready to hit the market. I use it to surf the 'net, check Facebook and Twitter, play games and, of course, read. I’m definitely not the only one. The Book Industry Study Group recently released information from the Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey...

2013 Meeting Guide: At the publishing industry trade shows, hope and opportunity spring eternal
January 21, 2013 | 4:54 pm

By Eugene G. Schwartz Where is the book industry going; what will my workplace and career opportunities be like; what do I need to know to keep up with the times? Or, in a more cosmic vein, what does the future hold? In an effort to answer these questions, publishers have settled each year into a series of industry meetings of general interest. Each has a unique theme, as noted below. They make the effort to bring together a cross section of publishers, associations, service providers and media professionals to connect with audiences ranging from first-time aspirants to seasoned managers and executives...

Bowker Research Shows Australia is a Global Leader in E-Book Adoption
May 24, 2012 | 9:19 am

Images From the press release by the Book Industry Study Group: ...The Global eBook Monitor finds that men are slightly more likely to have engaged with the digital book market than women. The 18-24 age group leads in use, just a little ahead of those aged 25-34. However, that may change shortly. 'Although current e-book use tends to decrease with age, those most likely to come into the market in the next six months are somewhat older than current buyers,' said Ms. Henry. 'That's the pattern we're seeing in both the U.S. and the U.K.' The Global eBook Monitor (GeM)...

BISG releases policy statement on assigning ISBNs to digital products
December 9, 2011 | 9:37 am

Screen Shot 2011 12 09 at 9 37 23 AM This is an important matter that has created quite a bit of controversy in the industry.  From the press release: The Book Industry Study Group (BISG) announced today the publication of a new Policy Statement detailing best practices for assigning ISBNs to digital products. Developed over the past 18 months within BISG's Identification Committee, BISG Policy Statement POL-1101 addresses the critical need to reduce product identification confusion in the market place in order to provide the best possible consumer-level purchasing experience. BISG encourages all member companies and other industry stakeholders to download the Policy Statement online at and work toward adopting the suggested...

Book Industry Study Group completes Volume 2 of their survey: lots of juicy information
November 9, 2011 | 9:42 am

Images From the press release (blockquotes omitted): E-book sales can be expected to continue growing as readers show increased loyalty to and satisfaction with the digital format, according to Book Industry Study Group's (BISG) closely watched Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey. Results of the final installment in Volume Two of the survey show that nearly 50% of print book consumers who have also acquired an e-book in the past 18 months would wait up to three months for the e-version of a book from a favorite author, rather than immediately read it...

Book Industry Study Group annual meeting tomorrow – we’ll be there
September 19, 2011 | 8:13 am

Logo The BISG will be holding its annual meeting tomorrow and, even though it's a members only event it has graciously allowed TeleRead to cover the proceedings.  It looks like an interesting program - so stay tuned. The BISG has been in the forefront of ebook surveying and has done the definitive research into ebook demographics.  Here's their mission statement: What We Do BISG actively promotes book industry standards and best practices while providing a unique forum for industry professional to collectively address issues affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the U.S. book trade. BISG motivates and moderates debate about current book...

BISG’s “Consumer Attitudes Towards E-Book Reading” now available for purchase
August 24, 2011 | 3:29 pm

Bisg report cover final medium From the press release: Although much of the publishing industry is working hard to develop and implement digital strategies, there is little available research evaluating book consumers' actual interests in and preferences for digital content, or the factors that influence their reading habits and purchasing decisions. To fill this void, BISG's Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading provides comprehensive ongoing survey data from hundreds of actual e-book readers. Over the course of three annual cycles (Volume One: 2009-2010, Volume Two: 2010-2011 and Volume Three: 2011-2012), survey participants are being asked questions including: When did you first...

BISG study reveals ebook buyers are accelerating their move away from print
April 28, 2011 | 3:29 pm

Download From the press release.  BISG is the Book Industry Study Group which is a research group funded by membership - primarily from the publishing industry: Results from the most recent survey in VOLUME TWO show: Fiction continues to dominate downloads, with literary fiction, science fiction, and romance each comprising over 20% of all format purchases. The most influential factors leading to an e-book purchase are free samples and low prices. “Power Buyers” (respondents who indicated that they acquired e-books at least weekly) have moved away from computers to dedicated e-readers and tablets much faster than the overall pool of respondents.   “While this unprecedented rate of...

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