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Frankfurt Book Fair proclaims “new era in international publishing”
September 16, 2013 | 10:34 am

The Frankfurt Book Fair, the global publishing industry’s biggest trade show, is busily positioning itself for the digital era in advance of its opening in October. At the customary pre-event press conference, as reported by Germany’s, Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair Juergen Boos announced a “new era in international publishing.” Boos declared: “The dividing line is not between old and new, print and e-book, analog and digital, but between those who have the passion for content and want to provide access to it - and those who do not care what they sell.” The Frankfurt Book Fair is following...

Are E-Books Finally Coming to Cuba?
February 8, 2013 | 11:40 pm

22nd International Book Fair Havana CubaWe've been covering the international e-book scene for some time here at TeleRead, but Cuba is one county we haven't had the opportunity to discuss much at all. TeleRead founder David Rothman wrote this thought provoking piece about the Cuban literary landscape back in April 2009. But given that Cuba is a county with virtually no digital publishing infrastructure, there really isn't a lot to talk about. But that may be changing—and perhaps sooner rather than later. Back in December 2012, Publishing Perspectives ran a forward-looking article about Cuba's e-publishing ambitions that was filed after a visit to that year's Guadalajara International Book Fair in Mexico. The bulk...

What the Future May Bring For Book Fairs In An Increasingly E-Book Dominated Market
January 4, 2013 | 2:40 pm

By Paul Russo  The unexpected arrival and popularity of e-books within the past decade has caused many people to estimate that book fairs would become a thing of the past. However, e-books have not rendered book fairs entirely useless, nor have they completely eliminated the use of these unique meetings due to the continued use of technology. Instead, book fairs have had to essentially evolve in their methodology throughout the past few years. Generally speaking, individuals who love to read will continue to gather at these types of events regardless of what type of format they may be reading their content...

Innovation in the Japanese eBook Market by Robin Birtle
July 5, 2011 | 7:52 am

Overseas attendees at this week's Tokyo International Book Fair can leave their phrase books at home since they will only need the line "atsui desu ne?", the ubiquitous Summer greeting that means "It's really hot, isn't it?". Temperatures in the high 80s will be compounded by crushing humidity that can stifle even the liveliest of debates. The eBook International Session boasts three respected executives for its speakers but these speakers may find the session's agenda is more of a hindrance to debate than the weather at Tokyo Big Sight. The session blurb promises answers to questions such as...

Publishers need to interact more meaningfully with readers
April 27, 2011 | 12:28 pm

crowd_at_Frankfurt_fair-300x217I’ve brought up a number of times the idea that publishers need to do more to connect with the general audience. On Publishing Perspectives, Amanda DeMarco writes that the same holds true in Germany—even at industry events that are open to the public. DeMarco writes about the Leipzig Book Fair, an open-to-the-public event that had 163,000 visitors this year. She feels publishers missed a great opportunity to inform interested members of the general public about some of the issues that are facing publishers today concerning the migration of books to e-books, online vs. brick-and-mortar sales, and other matters....

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