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Osprey captured by Bloomsbury
December 28, 2014 | 12:25 pm

Any Brit kid who grew up with a love of toy soldiers, model making, war stories, military history, roleplaying games, or wildlife - which probably accounts for most of the now-adult population - will probably have encountered Osprey Books somewhere in their development. These marvelous illustrated folio-style slim volumes with their beautifully detailed paintings of soldiers and materiel of all periods were a staple of my childhood. And now Osprey Publishing, the independent press behind the series, has been snapped up by Bloomsbury Publishing. According to Bloomsbury's announcement: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc ("Bloomsbury") announces that it has today completed the acquisition of the...

Grumpy Cat to get biography? No, it’s Jonathan Franzen!
October 2, 2014 | 12:25 pm

time-cover-franzen_customJonathan Franzen is not dead. It's sad news for the world of English letters, I know, but he is still alive, writing (presumably), and talking (when his foot is not wedged firmly in his tonsils). Sad news for Oprah too. And for XX-chromosome-bearers who have the temerity to decipher words. But Jonathan Franzen is, in fact, among the living. Why, oh why, then, has someone writen a literary biography about him? Why, oh whyer why, did somebody at Bloomsbury actually agree to publish it? And no, it's apparently not some Dunciad-style exercise devoted to immortalizing another overpromoted talentless mediocrity as the...

Bloomsbury results show ebook contribution, post-GFC rebound
October 28, 2013 | 10:12 am

bloomsburyStrong financial performance at the UK's Bloomsbury Publishing shows both the contribution of ebooks to overall profits and sales at one typical modern publishing house, and the way in which the industry as a whole has evolved and adjusted over the past five years. Tipped by the UK's Daily Telegraph to rise in value due to its strong stock levels and 33 percent profit rise just announced in half-year results, as well as a "77 percent increase in Adult division adjusted operating profit" Furthermore, "digital sales are now 12 percent of Group sales," and "in the UK e-book sales were up 58...

David Gaughran Digs Deeper into Writers’ and Artists’ Author Solutions Mare’s Nest
October 12, 2013 | 12:25 pm

David GaughranAs already covered in TeleRead, David Gaughran has been delving into the twisted entanglements between self-publishing neo-vanity-press Author Solutions and the newly  launched Writers’ & Artists’ Self-Publishing Comparison service from Britain's venerable Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook. And he contacted me with news of fresh developments in the story - a pending agreement between Author Solutions and Writers’ & Artists’ publisher Bloomsbury Publishing. Gaughran warns that public opposition to an agreement of this kind might still derail it, so there's time to actually do something about this. And you can read through all the ramifications of the story and additional comments here. I asked him for...

UK Writers & Artists launches online self-publishing resources, comparison service
September 27, 2013 | 2:41 pm

For decades, the "Writers' & Artists' Yearbook" has been the bible for UK creatives, journalists, publishers, et al. Now under the Bloomsbury Publishing umbrella after the buyout of its original A & C Black imprint in 2000, the brand has morphed with the passage of time and technological developments, and now supports the very useful Writers & Artists website, and has just launched its new Writers' & Artists' Self-Publishing Comparison service, which looks to be helpful for non-UK self-publishers as well - at least until you get to the actual choice of providers. "This innovative resource puts you in touch with...

Thanks to E-Books Sales in the UK, Bloomsbury Looks Bullish
January 17, 2013 | 4:39 pm

Along with the Financial Times, The Telegraph, and The Guardian, just about every UK-based newspaper that covers the publishing industry ran the sort of 'E-Books Will Save Us!' story yesterday that seems forehead-slappingly obvious at first glance ... and yet is nevertheless rather comforting to read—especially considering that the good news has been officially confirmed with real figures. Here's the deal: Bloomsbury Publishing, it seems, has just reported "a [two percent] overall decline in [print] title sales" for the last four months of 2012. However, due to the fact that the company's e-book sales jumped 58 percent year-on-year in the same period, Bloomsbury's year-on-year operating...

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