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Study shows 99% of BitTorrent content infringing; Ars Technica blames DRM
January 29, 2010 | 6:16 pm

torrent_types_ars-thumb-640xauto-11771 Though the size of the sample makes it a bit closer to anecdotal than scientific, a study has looked at a random sample of about 1,000 files shared via BitTorrent and found only 1% of them do not infringe copyright. Ars Technica makes the point that only 10% of these files are music, which used to be the reason to get onto peer-to-peer. Now, thanks to the departure of music DRM, there is little reason to go to peer-to-peer since unrestricted music can be bought cheaply from trusted sources—even though the lack of DRM means that purchased mp3s can be...

Another source for Kindle books: The Baen Free Library and Webscriptions
January 18, 2010 | 5:20 pm

baen_logo Many new Kindle owners may not be aware that they are not entirely locked into the Amazon ecosystem. There are a number of places where public-domain books can be downloaded for free, such as Feedbooks and ManyBooks. But there are also places where commercial e-books can be purchased. And while conflicting DRM may muddle the issue with purchases from places like Fictionwise (where “multiformat” books are Kindle-compatible but DRM-protected books are not), there are still places to buy e-books DRM-free. One of these places in particular is one of my favorite publishing houses: Baen Books. Not only...

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