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Greetings from the future!
January 21, 2014 | 8:47 pm

Screenshot_2014-01-21-20-41-29 (1)I live in the future. (And here’s how it works. No, seriously.) I just deposited a couple of checks by taking photos of them with my smartphone. My new bank, Chase, supports deposit by smartphone app. Today was my first chance to try it out, and I was amazed at how easily it was accomplished. In the old days, back in Springfield, getting a check would have meant bicycling several blocks to the nearest ATM to deposit it. Here, I just pulled up the app, punched in an amount, snapped photos of the front and back of...

The Great Book Scandals of 2012
January 4, 2013 | 11:00 pm

  Books—staid and intellectual cultural artifacts that they so often are—were not all just staid or intellectual this year. Not nearly. There were, in fact, scandals, at least a few of them surrounding books and their authors and publishers, and there were times in which discussions of books and the business grew dramatic and tension-filled. Near-scandals! Other times, these conversations were simply very, very interesting, full of twists and turns, much like a good book. Remember when Philip Roth took on Wikipedia to clear up what he described as false perceptions of The Human Stain? (It was a big year for Philip Roth news altogether, really.) Or...

More digitized historic U.S. Government economic banking documents via FRASER
August 17, 2011 | 9:21 am

Logo FRASER (Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research) from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis continues to make digitized reports and other historic documents available online. Here’s a look at just a few of them. A New Collection of Material: U.S. Government Debt “A historical collection of speeches and hearings on or referring to the federal government debt and the debt ceiling. Select list of references on the monetary question “A 1913 bibliography compiled by the Library of Congress on such topics as banking and currency in the United States and foreign countries, crises and panics, credit, and clearing houses...

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