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Amazon Reportedly Producing a “Kindle TV” Set-Top Box
May 5, 2013 | 10:00 am

AmazonBy Jeff Kleist Amazon has been making its own devices for quite a while now. From e-readers to tablets to a rumored smartphone, the company has been pretty successful in establishing its own Apple-style ecosystem. So it makes perfect sense that Amazon wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to take charge of the one device in the home that even Apple hasn’t been able to dominate—the television—with a “Kindle TV” set-top box. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, such a set-top box is actually in the works. Given that Amazon Instant Video still isn’t exactly ubiquitously supported on TVs, it makes sense that the company...

Why We Need a Subscription Model for E-Books
January 24, 2013 | 10:00 am

Brett Sandusky at Digital Book World has an interesting write-up on digital subscriptions. He ruminates on the pros and cons of two different models: the 'modular' subscription, where customers subscribe to one thing at a time, as they wish, versus the bundle model, where customers pay a fixed amount for a package deal which includes the content they want, plus other stuff which they may or may not want (for instance, when you purchase phone service just to get a cheaper deal on the Internet and cable). Sandusky prefers the 'modular' model. He aims to treat his customers like grown-ups who know...

Apple TV/AirPlay combo are an undiscovered reading boon to the handicapped and vision impaired
May 29, 2012 | 1:50 pm

Photo copy 2Not what you would normally think of in connection with Apple TV, but it's true - as I found out Memorial Day weekend. I went down to spend the weekend in Charlottesville, VA, with my friend Dr. Joe Stirt - the proprietor, editor, researcher and factotem of that wonderful blog BookofJoe.  (A must-read blog, by the way.)  While there, we spent some time experimenting with the latest version of Apple TV on Joe's 50" television. If you don't know, Apple TV enables AirPlay on the iPad and iPhone 4s.  This allows you to mirror the screen of these devices on your television....

Jobs reveals new iPod line, Apple TV, iOS 4.1, iTunes 10
September 1, 2010 | 2:52 pm

iPad 045 Steve Jobs had some interesting things to reveal today. In the iPod line, the Shuffle, Nano, and Touch get refreshes. No mention at all of the Classic line; I suppose they’ve had their day. The Shuffle moves forward by taking a step back—the new one resembles a smaller version of the second in form factor, bringing back the buttons everybody missed from the third, but with the Voiceover and other nifty features that people did like from the third. The Nano loses the physical controls and goes multitouch, looking like a smaller version of the iPod Touch...

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