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Apple Facing Retina Display Shortage, Might Have To Delay iPad Mini 2 Launch
July 15, 2013 | 2:56 pm

iPad Mini 2Since Apple’s first mid-sized, mid-range tablet has proven to be such a booming success, no one really doubted an iPad Mini 2 coming sooner or later. But the exact ETA of this new slate has always been the big question mark. (Well, that ... and the specs and the pricing, of course.) Unfortunately for us (and fortunately for the tech giant), Cupertino has managed to keep a very tight lid on iPad Mini 2-related rumors, so here we are, eight months after the first-gen’s release, with nothing of substance known about the follow-up. And by “known,” I mean intel revealed by...

Refurbished iPad Minis Once Again Available from Apple Store, Starting at $299
March 26, 2013 | 1:38 pm

iPad MiniThe iPad mini looked like a bit of a gamble for Apple at first, but you don’t get to Cupertino’s dominant position over the tablet market without taking some risks, do you? And this one seems to have paid off rather nicely, as a second-gen 7.9-incher is allegedly in the works already. Meanwhile, if you’re one of those folks living in the shadows and scouring the Internet for the best deals on the most awesome gadgets, you should know that an assortment of refurbished iPad minis are again available via Apple’s U.S. Store. The tabs are not exactly dirt-cheap, but they offer...

iPad Mini Now Shipping in Record Time; Good or Bad News for Apple?
February 5, 2013 | 3:44 pm

iPad MiniBy Adrian Diaconescu Success is very transient in the ever-changing tech world, so it’s obvious every gadget sold and penny cashed in counts. You can be on top now and then hit rock bottom the next moment, which is exactly what has happened recently with Nokia and BlackBerry. But if there’s one landmark of stability in today’s tech décor, that’s definitely Apple. The Cupertino-based giant has been on the rise for years—especially with its various iPad models—and there’s no sign of that status quo changing anytime soon. Or is there? There’s been a lot of buzz recently about how Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and other...

The iPad mini: My first impressions
November 5, 2012 | 9:30 pm

Apple iPad miniFor all the hoopla about the iPad mini in the weeks before its launch, I have seen precious little hands-on since the little beast actually arrived on the market. I finally got my hands on a mini this weekend ... and here are my thoughts: 1. Form Factor I have mixed feelings about the form factor. It's only 40 grams heavier than my Google Nexus tablet, but it feels a lot lighter. However, it is much wider. The Nexus is a little chunkier and taller; the mini is slimmer but longer across. I do like how light it feels in my hands—and holding...

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