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Amazon now heavily discouraging focused website promotion of free Kindle books
February 24, 2013 | 10:53 am

Amazon discouraging promotion of free Kindle booksThere's been indication for awhile that Amazon has been shifting emphasis from their various free-Kindle book promos to get more attention for Kindle books that bring them revenue (considering news that their margins are thin, partially due to reinvestment in expansion and jobs), although the free-Kindle book carrot will continue to be offered. They just no longer want them promoted ... at least not as a focus on websites belonging to Amazon affiliates. This week brings news of a stronger effort on Amazon's part to strongly discourage affiliate website promotion of those free Kindle books, an action which will have an effect on authors who have...

The Kindle Paperwhite is getting around!
February 8, 2013 | 1:30 pm

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-readerAmazon's Kindle Paperwhite is definitely going global: A few weeks ago, it was Canada, where the Paperwhite could be found in the Amazon Canada Kindle Store. Now it's (finally) not only shipping to Australia, where it's been eagerly awaited—it's also available (in both the Wi-Fi-only model and the 3G/Wi-Fi model) for shipping to countries including Madagascar, Poland, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, and to most developed areas of the world not in (cold or hot) war zones, and which don't already have their own Kindle Stores. Continue reading on Andrys Basten's A Kindle World blog......

Kindle Paperwhite screen: Less fragile than earlier front-lit reader?
September 22, 2012 | 1:25 pm

Kindle Paperwhite intro Glimpses of font darkness Paperwhite book covers projected onto hall screen Paperwhite, WiFi (no 3G) Five Generations of Kindle Showing "9 mins left in chapter" estimate This time, a bit about the coming Kindle Paperwhite, which was to ship on October 1, although the current shipping date is listed as October 22, partially because of demand.  I've included some photos I took at the recent Amazon press event in Santa Monica, as these illustrate some of the points they stressed. Much has been written about the Paperwhite, because few of us expected the light to be so evenly distributed, with a soft, diffused quality.  It's easy on...

Kindle Tips: SendtoReader (for any Kindle-compatible device) has a terrific new feature
July 12, 2012 | 8:58 am

Sendtoreader From Andrys Basten's A Kindle World blog.  See the rest of the details in the article. SENDTOREADER Update SENDtoREADER was very well received by Kindle users, in the many comments written to the original article on it here on March 29, 2011 when I asked readers to try it out.  I noted in an update that 'The feedback was extremely positive, with images coming through well, good general layout, and 'a great feature: history of your sent articles (linked) in your account at with an option to resend. Thanks to phelcq and Elmo [for the mentioned features].' After that, the author of the...

Kindle battery advisories
July 3, 2012 | 9:04 am

Images  1 From A Kindle World blog: I just bought a Kindle book and saw, for the first time, a yellow box under the Amazon "Thanks" page, with the advisory:  "For delivery to your Kindle, please verify that your device is sufficiently charged and your wireless connection is enabled."  I guess there were more than a few times that people's Kindle book deliveries didn't quite work due to either of these reasons.  In battery-use advisories, Amazon has recommended you never let your battery go below 25% and I've thought that was because things can go wrong when there's not sufficient battery power left, due...

Unsung Kindle Touch Software Update v5.1.0 improvements
April 23, 2012 | 9:33 am

ImagesFrom A Kindle World Blog.  A lot more in the article. As reported yesterday, the Kindle Touch 3G/WiFi e-Ink model is now shipping internationally, to over 175 countries. This blog article will highlight some software enhancements not listed in the official announcement earlier.  At the bottom, I'll repeat the official list of enhancements. Current Kindle Touch 3G/WiFi Models:   US:  For U.S. residents;   UK:  For UK customers   OTHER:  For Other International Shipping THE OTHER ENHANCEMENTS Most of the unmentioned enhancements or Finds were made by avid explorer and commenter Tom Semple, whose full individual comments on all this can be found at the...

Kindle Touch X-ray feature
February 27, 2012 | 8:27 am

Images A Kindle World Blog has a post on this, along with some other interesting stuff, such as Oscar apps: In the meantime, I've been spending more time with the Kindle Touch (photo from because I finally went back to reading the Steve Jobs book by Isaacson, and there are SO MANY characters whose function and place I don't remember the 2nd or 3rd time I run across them, that I've been using the X-Ray feature more and really enjoying it for a book like this.  I took screenshots but will add them later as am rushed right now. But, essentially, for a guy like...

Kindle Touch goes global
February 6, 2012 | 9:39 am

KW slate 01 novid sm V166806961 From an article in Andrys Basten's A Kindle World Blog: This is the new but not yet announced page by Amazon forKindle Touch International, now buyable by customers in countries outside the U.S. finally - for $139 U.S. from Amazon U.S. This is for the Kindle Touch WiFi only, but on that page there is an international table that tells you whether your country is on the list for delivery of this model.  The internationaal page was discovered by the Canadian "Nathan" who is able to see the non-U.S. page(s). Amazon has stores in France, Germany, Spain, and the UK and Kindle...

Kindle Tip re: Tiny Fonts on web pages with Kindle Fire or Kindle Touch
January 3, 2012 | 11:08 am

Images From Andrys Basten's A Kindle World Blog comes a useful tip: In the blog article with many general tips on using the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire,  I went into detail on dealing with web pages or with PDFs in which you can see the full page but which are usually unreadable in that format or screen width on a smaller screen than we use with considerably larger computer screens. I've found that many news-site reviewers still don't know about a valuable Android feature that is crucial to enjoyment of web pages on small devices (this applies to Android smartphones also), and of...

Kindle Tip – viewing images
December 12, 2011 | 9:41 am

Andrys Basten has a series of tips for Kindle users on how to view images on the machine.  Here's the one for the Kindle 1.  Kindle 2 through 4 on the site. Images -- on the various Kindles, when reading Kindle Books One thing that the Kindles can do that most other e-readers can't, when you're reading an e-book, is to allow you to use a small picture in the book so that it fills the screen--very good if a photo was published in higher resolution as many are today. Kindle 1 - Put your silver column-cursor next to the area that...

Andrys Basten looks at Kindle Fire reviews
November 14, 2011 | 11:50 pm

Kindlefire reviews From A Kindle World Blog. The definitive compilation.  Much, much more at the site: All the Kindle Fire reviews started coming in last night, and almost every single review is detailed and quite long.  Somewhat off the topic, someone posted a review of the Kindle Touch 3G, and for the most part she missed the physical keyboard.  I would too because I like to see the full screen when I'm typing a note, and I find the clunky keyboard more reliable than touchscreen, for me.  But the new Touch Kindles are faster, from all reports....

Kindle personal document enhancements – how it all works
October 18, 2011 | 9:30 am

ImagesAMAZON'S EMAIL TO "PAST USERS" OF THE PERSONAL DOCUMENTS FEATURE Introduction As many now know, since Sept. 30 and with the Kindle Keyboard software update to v3.3 on Oct. 13, Amazon has made notable, long-requested improvements to the Personal Documents feature, upgrading personal documents that you send to your Kindle, from 2nd-class status to having the regular features that Kindle books have. See Update with email from Customer Svc. Those first-class features include sync'g your reading between devices, having them archived at the Amazon servers, and showing their titles in your Kindle's Archived Items folder when the personal document is no longer on...

Kindle tips: adding a Collection to a new or replacement Kindle
September 19, 2011 | 10:15 am

Using a books Collection structure created on another Kindle There are various ways to add a collection structure you've created, for one Kindle, to a replacement or new Kindle on your account.  You don't have to start from scratch if you're replacing or adding a Kindle on or to your account. On the forums, I replied to someone who had 600~ books on the Kindle and asked how this is done, and I described the way I do it. I thought adding this as a blog entry could be useful. ' If Kindle Support...

Kindle News – Amazon’s possible digital-book subscription library. Plastic Logic is back.
September 14, 2011 | 9:34 am

Wall Street Journal - "Amazon in Talks to Launch Digital-Book Library" A WSJ article by Stu Woo and Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg on Monday reports that Amazon is talking with publishers about a Netflix-like service for e-books, which would provide access to a library of content (older books) for an annual fee. Publishing executives have said they're not enthusiastic about the idea, for the usual reasons -- belief this type of subscription service could "lower the value of books," WSJ reports, and could strain relationships with other retailers selling their books. ...

Kindle for Android updated to 3.1.0
September 2, 2011 | 3:04 pm

TFTS' Robert Nelson reports that there is a Kindle for Android update today, to v3.1.0 and is, of course, a free download at Amazon or the Android Market. This brings a new Home interface, bug fixes, book reocmmendations in your library, and in-app upgrade-notifications. Nelson explains the update is for those with Android 2.1 or later and is a 3.2MB download.  The screenshot seen here, by TFTS, shows the new Home screen.  The Links at the top are for Home, On Device, Archive and the Store. If you'd rather see the older layout, touch the...

100 Amazon editor picks for $1.99-$3.99 thru’ 9/30/11 + Ask @Author while reading
September 1, 2011 | 9:42 am

100kbooks 2to4 100 KINDLE BOOKS FOR $1.99 to $3.99 The Kindle Post (readable close to the top right corner of the Kindle Store), has quite a bit of news lately. The editors have "hand-selected" a varied lot here, with most of the books being sold at $1.99 to $2.99 and some at $3.99, until September 30, 2011.  There are some really interesting books in this particular collection. The image I used may give an idea, as it includes some that Amazon editors have highlighted as "favorites" -- but click here to check them out. ..., Kindleair domain names. HP Touchpads #1 & 2 Amazon sellers
August 23, 2011 | 10:26 am

RUMOR CITY With HP's two terminated Touchpads suddenly taking over the top selling slots at Amazon from the Kindle and the iPod Touch, even at heftier prices than HP's discounted prices that were announced Saturday before selling out Sunday at those attractive prices ($99~ and $150~), Kindle and Amazon Android tablet rumors are hitting the news again. I tried getting the 32gig HP Sunday morning for $150 but they were sold out everywhere.  Why?  Real, dedicated Multitasking (unlike Apple's suspended type), the popular Beats Audio sound, Flash video (blank on the iPad), Hulu...

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