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TeleRead Links: UK e-book piracy, loosening e-book licensing terms, digitizing fanzines, and more
July 27, 2015 | 11:47 pm

eBook Piracy Virtually Nonexistent in the UK (GoodEReader) The Intellectual Property Office conducted a three month study into the extent of online copyright infringement in the UK. It found that  1% of UK internet users aged 12 and over read “at least some” ebooks illegally. This is a stark contrast to 9% consuming pirated MP3 files and 7% who download the latest Game of Thrones TV episode. The TeleRead Take: GoodEReader suggests one reason no one is reading pirated e-books in the UK could be due to UK government action in blocking pirated websites—but that wouldn’t explain why...

TeleRead Links: Phone battery tips, Microsoft goals, $30 Android PC, blog wisdom for authors, and more
July 17, 2015 | 2:45 am

remixminiHow to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer ( Though there's a limit to how far any phone can stretch, battery life isn't written in stone. How you use your phone and how you treat it determine not only much time you get on a charge, but also how long the battery itself lasts. Here are some pro tips. The TeleRead Take: There’s some good, thorough advice here about what features and programs to disable to make your phone battery last longer. Dim screen brightness, disable animations, shut off location services and unneeded communication radios, update apps manually rather than automatically, disable...

Requiem for the iPod Touch
July 17, 2015 | 2:16 am

It’s funny how viewpoints change over time. Apple just introduced a new version of the iPod Touch the other day, with a faster CPU and better camera hardware. The price stays about the same, starting at $199 for 16 GB and topping out with a new $399 for 128 GB option. But the screen size remains the same 3.5” it has always been, which leaves David Rothman less than impressed. This bemuses me, as I remember that back in 2008, in the Kindle’s early days, the same-sized iPhone and iPod Touch were considered a seriously strong contender for e-reading....

Making the Switch from Laptop to Tablet
July 15, 2015 | 12:28 pm

tablet vs laptopI was meeting with a client recently, and she was admiring my iPad + Bluetooth keyboard combination. She pulled a massive laptop out of her bag and said she’d been meaning to make the switch from her laptop to her new iPad. We got to talking about what was involved in making the switch from laptop to tablet. 1. What do you do on your laptop, and are those tasks practical on a tablet? Tablets are very good for certain functions and not so good for others. They are fantastic at: Web browsing Email Scheduling Word processing Video Audio Reading (news, books and magazines) They aren’t as good for Working with spreadsheets Presentations Video...

How to handle PDFs on Android devices – or at least, try
June 22, 2015 | 9:05 am

Screenshot_2015-06-22-13-04-05 PDF is an ereader file format I'm still being bombarded with constantly, despite my issues with it. I find its lumpy file size and rigidity to be hugely challenging, for relatively little commensurate benefit in terms of readability and fidelity to the original format. Yet publishers continue to distribute review copies of books that aren't available in other ebook formats. And there are specific applications, like art books - for instance, the marvellous archive of free digitized catalogues from exhibitions at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on - where the shortcomings of PDF are acceptable for the sake of...

Morning Links: No Graphic Novels in English Course? Android Apps with TTS Support
June 15, 2015 | 8:25 am

graphic novelsStudent Calls For Eradication Of Graphic Novels From English Course (io9) A student enrolled at Crafton Hills College has protested the inclusion of a number of graphic novels in the curriculum for her English 250 course. Tara Shultz, along with her parents and friends have called for the “eradic[ation] [of the books] from the system,” and have complained to the College’s administrators over their inclusion. TeleRead Take: I found Lolita to be pretty offensive in my English Lit course, but it never occurred to me to protest and ask to have it removed from the curriculum. Doubt anyone would have listened to...

Voice Dream text-to-speech reader to appear for Android in August
June 11, 2015 | 1:32 pm

ipad_middleI’ve praised the Voice Dream e-reader as a stellar way to enjoy text to speech of files in ePub, HTML, plain text, Word and other formats. Other apps offer TTS. But Voice Dream Reader also comes with wonderful navigational and annotative capabilities as well as a rich assortment of voices. It’s integrated with DropBox, Google Drive and EverNotes, and you can even download to it directly from Project Gutenberg Now---some great news: Voice Dream Reader for Android will enter Beta in a few days and should be in the Apple Store at the start of August....

How to tool up a rooted Android phone
June 10, 2015 | 5:25 pm

framarootAfter successfully rooting my Navon Mizu M500 with Framaroot, I settled down to working out what to do with it to tune it up as a better ereader and all-round Android powerhouse. Only, what to do? Many Android rooters do their phones in order to install custom mods and ROMs like CyanogenMod - but phones running on the MediaTek MT6589 CPU and other MediaTek chips are not exactly overserved that way. So, rather than risk bricking my phone by pushing the wrong ROM onto it, I decided to keep the existing Android 4.2.1 system intact - but tune it up...

Considering An Android to iOS Switch
June 10, 2015 | 2:55 pm

android to ios switchWhile I was quite happy with the HTC One M8 when I got it almost a year ago, I haven't remained as content with it over time. Just before I received the Lollipop update, I was having both serious battery life issues, lagging and crashing apps. The app crashing was so bad that Google Sheets crashed every time I opened it, sometimes multiple times. Since I use Sheets to track my business mileage, it's an app I use several times a day, and I finally got so irritated that I started tracking in Sheets on my iPad instead. Which meant I...

Morning Links: Everything new in iOS 9. Felony to clear browser history?
June 9, 2015 | 7:17 am

ios 9Here’s everything new in iOS 9 (9to5 Mac) Apple introduced iOS 9 during its WWDC keynote today, and we’ve got a hands-on look at all of the new stuff you can expect to see when it comes out later this year. TeleRead Take: Not a lot here to get excited about, except for multi-tasking on iPads which support it. I might have to finally upgrade my iPad 4. *** According To The Government, Clearing Your Browser History Is A Felony (Techdirt) One of the stipulations of Sarbanes-Oxley is the preservation of evidence. Failing to do so, or purposefully destroying records, can result in felony criminal...

How badly coded is the Amazon Kindle Android app?
June 6, 2015 | 10:09 am

KindleAndroidBadlyCodedMajor tech companies sometimes have a surprising habit of rolling out sub-optimal products in what are supposed to be their core competence areas. For example, Google's Chrome browser for Android gets some indifferent assessments at times over issues like speed and cache bloat, and this is Google's own flagship browser running on its own OS. And think of Microsoft's terrible record in pushing out new versions of Windows that have been panned by the marketplace, and required revisions, rethinks, and still newer versions. Which brings me to some recurrent frustrations over the Amazon Kindle app. For the longest time,...

My Android phone successfully rooted: The glories of Framaroot
June 3, 2015 | 9:16 am

framarootI concluded my previous post on the travails with my Navon Mizu M500 generic Android smartphone with a gripe about still looking for a way to root my phone. Well, now I found it. Courtesy of the Framaroot application, I was able to root the phone with just one download, without using a PC, and with just one click ... well, okay, two or three on the way there ... The Framaroot thread at the ever-reliable (meaning: not infected by trolls, malware, etc.) XDA Developers site, warns that "success with this application void warranty on your device," but it's...

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