Google Nexus 7Over at Android and Me, Dustin Earley is reporting that his Nexus 7 “has gone from the best to worst tablet I’ve ever owned.”

That’s a pretty bold statement, and I had to read the article and browse the comments.

According to Earley, his once-beloved Nexus 7, which used to be responsive and snappy, is now slow, ponderous and sluggish, often taking several seconds to respond to screen rotation and taps.

He had a dramatic quote:

I can’t find one person who has been using the Nexus 7 for an extended period of time, and hasn’t seen a massive downgrade in performance.

Not surprisingly, the comments on the post were mixed. There were a lot of “me too” comments, often with descriptions of what they had tried to revive their struggling tablets. However, there were also a good number of people who responded with some variation on “still running smoothly.”

I’ll be curious to see if the problem is limited to the early production runs. In an article on Apple Insider, which covered the story in more detail, they quoted an Asus representative:

Google wanted the device to be “fast, cheap and good,” as well as “thin and light,” and ready to debut by that summer’s Google I/O conference. This placed extreme design challenges on Asus.

It’s possible future production runs fixed some of the problems and later tablets may not have the same problems.

I’ve only had my Nexus 7 since January, so I’m well short of the year mark, but it’s still a snappy and responsive device for me. I’ve noted, however, that screen rotation was never as smooth as my iPad, and I’ve got it locked in portrait because it had a tendency to rotate when I didn’t want it to and then slowly rotate back. I have the same problem on my Nook HD, though, so it might be an OS problem, not hardware.

Anyone else want to share their experiences with their Nexus 7 tablets?