samsung-galaxy-tab-s-t800-32gb-10.5-tablet-view-of-color-options_2It’s too late to buy a 10.5” 32GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S refurb for $330 from A4C, but a restock may be coming, and you can also look elsewhere. I know this one’s good, because I own the same model myself.

The 10.5”  screen of 2,560 x 1600 pixels can do justice to anything from Moon+ Reader Pro to Netflix.

Color are especially vivid, and I like the contrast levels. If you want to watch Frank Underwood for revealing twitches during House of Cards, this could be the tablet for you.

The Galaxy Tab S has 3GB of RAM and a 1.9 GHz Exynos 5 Octa Processor. The  Android version is 4.4.

The $330  refurb from A4C is well under half the list price for a new device with the same amount of storage, 32GB. Samsung has also offered 16GB models.

Yes, newer and faster models are coming out, but the Tab S should suffice for 90-95 percent of Android fans. What’s more, the screen is larger—10.5”, compared to the 9.7” of the just-announced Galaxy Tab S2. Samsung is also releasing a new eight-incher, the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0”.


  1. I feel like we’re all spoilt for choice these days, but the Tab S screen is best in class. Note that the 8.4″ Tab S has a slightly sharper screen (and I think a slightly better size for reading), but I agree that last year’s 10.5″ is a great pick.

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