DBW featured a press release for BookLikes, a new social reading platform that is supposed to combine the features of Tumblr and Goodreads.

I consider one of my roles here is to involve trying things out, and potentially wasting my time so you don’t have to waste your. And my reaction to this site? Don’t even bother. (Click here to see what TeleRead’s Susan Lulgjuraj has to say about BookLikes.)

Everyone seems to be wanting to get into the social reading space today, and honestly, I don’t think we need yet another one. Especially not one that acts so much like Goodreads. Here’s what it looks like:

You tell me: Looks basically like Goodreads right? You’ve got the books you’re reading, the books you want to read, and the ones you have read.

There is a feature to add blog posts, which I suppose is cool, but really, who’s going to use the blog feature? I’m thinking authors. I might be wrong, but I don’t think the average reader is going to write blog posts about how much they love reading. If they want to say good (or bad) things about a book, there’s plenty of places to review books. Authors don’t need yet another blog to maintain, and I’d suggest authors just head to Goodreads instead. You can set up an author page there, and of course, the site already has an established following.

Anyone else see something in BookLikes that I’m missing? Some feature that makes it stand out from Goodreads?