book-cakeIf you’ve ever wondered what a library book cake looks like, you can stop. In fact, here are 24 other book-inspired cakes.

And now a challenge to TeleRead community members. Would anyone like to create an e-book cake—ideally more imaginative than just a mere likeness of a Kindle or other device?

If the interest is out there, maybe TeleRead can even hold an e-book cake contest, with people sending us images of their creations. The only catch is that you must agree not to copyright your cake in any way, especially if you want it to do double duty as a birthday cake with an accompanying song.

Alas, no prize. Just a few bytes of fame.

Now, here’s a crazy vision, conjured up just so I can put this in the e-reading tech category. What if someone invented a kind of E Ink book safe to eat? I guess that’s overreaching. “Once is enough.” But as shown by the existence of books that can also serve as water filters, one never knows of the possibilities.


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