switch from ios to androidMy iPhone 4S is eligible for an upgrade later this year, and I’m starting to think about what I might want to replace it with.

The easy answer is “the iPhone 6,” and I’ll certainly wait to see what it’s like (and what new features are in iOS 8) before making a decision, but there are Android features I’d really like to have in my smartphone. For tablets, I prefer my iPad to an Android device, but the phone is a different story.

Alternate launchers are attractive to me. I read about launchers that are sensitive to your location and offer appropriate apps. Aviate is the one I see mentioned frequently. I love this idea. The iOS home screen is just not that interesting a place.

I prefer Android’s notifications to the ones on iOS. It’s possible iOS 8 will wow me, and notifications in iOS 7 are better than in earlier versions, but they still are lacking to me.

Google Now is one of my favorite things. Yes, Google Search for iOS has similar features, but it’s not as good. For example, the last time we wanted to see a movie, I opened Google Search and typed in the movie name. I got lots of review links, but what I wanted was showtimes at the nearest theater. Google Now would have given it to me. I finally found the show time, but it took several search attempts.

So what makes me hesitate? I do like the build quality of Apple devices. I’ve compared performance on both my iPad and Android tablets, and the interface seems smoother on the iOS devices. I’m concerned I’ll be frustrated with an Android phone, while I know exactly what I’m getting with the iPhone. I manage all my music through iTunes, and, yes, I know there are workarounds, but I’m not sure I want to deal with the hassle. Most of the Android phones I’m interested in (like the Nexus 5) have bigger screens than I want. My guess is that I won’t have a choice there, considering the current crop of iPhone rumors.

So there’s my thoughts and concerns. Feel free to chime in with advice. I’m open to thoughts. I suppose by the time I need to make the choice Amazon will have released their phone, so I may have three options to consider.