image If you want a Kindle but can’t find a decent price on eBay, don’t forget Craig’s List—especially local listings for states where the cost of living is lower than in New York or California.

A “brand-new sealed” Kindle was on sale on Dec. 21 in the Minneapolis area for “just” $299.

That’s still a high price for a gizmo that lists for $359 new, but much less than $500 or $600 or more that you might find on eBay.

Of course, the real solution for the economy-minded is to wait for the Kindle 2, the existence of which will bring down used Kindle prices to a sander level.

Meanwhile thanks to the resourceful Joe Wikert for the Craig’s List idea.


  1. Craig’s list is a good idea, particularly when searching in smaller areas. This is not only true because you can get lower prices there (as mentioned in the article) but because you’re less likely to be scammed this way. Unfortunately, the cases of fraud within Craig’s list classifieds have peaked lately, particularly in larger cities, which is why I generally do not advice to buy anything unless you arrange with the seller to somehow check the item first.

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