Yep, I’m the jerk who clicked on the link because I thought the headline was idiotic.

Then, I read the post and still thought everything about it was idiotic. Now, if you have read my previous posts on Teleread, I tend to aim for a balanced approach to things, usually sticking to the news of a story.

However, I couldn’t ignore this post on Good E-Reader.

The premise: Shockingly (that was sarcasm), Michael Kozlowski at Good E-Reader wrote a post saying that self-publishers should not be called authors.

Here’s an excerpt:

Just because its easy to upload your written word, so that it can be downloaded to another machine does not make you an author, any more than me buying a stethoscope allows me to be called a doctor. A “singer” is someone who sings. A “professional singer” is someone who makes a living from singing. There is a stark contrast between being a writer and being a professional author. Many indie writers who publish a title or two on Amazon or Smashwords normally think otherwise. They wear the title as an author as a badge of honor.

Here are my points about this post:

1. Who cares? Are you that concerned with self-published AUTHORS calling themselves ‘author’ that you have to write a self-serving post to refute those who do?

2. If you’re going to bash writers, make sure your copy and is clean and without errors (I didn’t fix the mistake in the above paragraph). The first two paragraphs of his post, I saw two quick, simple mistakes that clicking F7 in Microsoft Word would have caught.

3. Joining a group such as the Published Authors Networks doesn’t lend credence to being an author or not.

4. Let people have fun. They aren’t hurting you by publishing their works – and actually give you a job having something to write about.

5. Also, by your own admission – “Indie authors and self-published authors who claim they are real authors makes me laugh. The term basically doesn’t mean anything” – if the term doesn’t mean anything, I ask, why do you even care?

Editor’s Note: I covered this issue last year and came to similar conclusions to Susan. You also should remember that Michael also called for segregation of self-published books, so, as with many things you read online, consider the source.