ipadSelf-Published Books: The Surprising Data from Amazon (Boing Boing)
I think that there are a couple of important points that Howey skirts, if not eliding them altogether.

iPad Dominates Business Tablet Usage (GoodeReader)
Contrary to the oft held belief that the iPad suits more for entertainment than anything else, the Apple tablet has topped the charts among tablets used in the enterprise scene.

Dangerous Ruling In Germany Makes Domain Registrar Liable For Copyright Infringement On Website It Registered (Techdirt)
It’s worrisome when a third party who had no direct involvement in the actual infringement can be blamed for it. Yet, in the legacy entertainment industry’s insane infatuation with stopping all infringement, they keep going further up the chain, past secondary liability into tertiary or possibly even quaternary liability — blaming those further and further removed from the actual infringement.

Smashwords eDelivery Updated With New Support for Email, Format Options (The Digital Reader)
Smashwords updated their 4 month old ebook delivery service yesterday, and Kindle owners will be pleased.

Kindle Daily Deals: Six Romantic Books (and others)

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