One of the best ways to learn as a writer is to study the work of other writers. And one of the best ways to learn as an entrepreneur is to study other entrepreneurs. So who should you learn from if you are an author who wants to not just write, but sell?

Here are three authors whose blogs should be must-reads for you. These authors blog in an engaging, realistic way about not just the craft of writing, but the business side of it too. In no particular order…

1. J.A. Konrath (

author blogsKonrath’s blog, affably titled ‘A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing,’ is a must-read for its data-centric focus: Konrath specializes in case study stories of authors who left traditional publishing in favor of greener self-pub pastures, and he is explicit in just how green these pastures can be. Using both his own sales stats and those of his author friends, he does the math in an as-yet-unparalleled way. If this is about business for you as much as it is about art, Konrath is a must-read.

2. John Scalzi ( Scalzi

Scalzi’s blog covers the gamut, from general announcement type stuff about his new releases and personal appearances, to Q&A questions sent in by readers. Where Scalzi really shines as an educator for the newbie, though, is in the way he has his finger on the blogosphere. When people are talking about it, Scalzi finds out. And he comments on it. His recent post on the new Kindle Worlds fanfiction program was the first I read that didn’t just regurgitate the press release and actually offered some useful food for thought.

author blogs3. Kristine Kathryn Rusch (

Rusch offers longer, meatier blogs than some of her counterparts. Her well-researched posts usually include at least a few comments from her writer friends (including husband and fellow author Dean Wesley Smith) and cover the gamut of business topics. She recently wrote a great analysis on the failure of her indie distribution venture, and offered valuable suggestions for authors trying to get their work out there. Many of her tips aren’t glamorous, but they are solid, practical stuff. If you’re interested in building a real fanbase, not just gaming a best-seller list, Rusch is your girl.

This is just a sample of the great author blogs out there. Do you have an author whose blog you follow regularly? Leave a comment and let us know who!


  1. I read dozens of writing blogs for my weekly “Links of Interest” roundup of the best articles for writing students, and I agree with you on Rusch and Scalzi. Both have good overviews of the writing business but absolutely nothing on the craft of writing.

    Konrath, however, pushes his views of piracy which works for him but not writers not at his level of the profession, so read him with more than a grain of salt.

    If you are interested in craft blogs, I suggest the writing specific search engine, “The Writer’s Knowledge Base” And mine, of course.

  2. James Van Pelt has an excellent writing blog on live journal, A Place for Strangers and Beggars, He is a high school English teacher so there’s quite a bit of material about teaching, but there’s quite a bit about writing as well.

  3. This is a cool list that covers such distinctly different authors. The skills that one can learn from such individuals about the art of writing are substantial, but pale in comparison to the life lessons to be gained. Thanks for sharing the links, I have bookmarked for further reading.

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