The folks at Scribd sent us this fine-looking infographic, in honour of their one-year anniversary. I am not a subscriber to their service myself, but I have to admit, I find their numbers impressive and interesting. One billion pages read in a year? Readers open lots of business books but only finish fiction? That says something about how we read. And we definitely need more information about that fastest go-kart lap!

Clearly there is a demand for eBook subscription services, and I am pleased to see that several competitors have now entered the marketplace. I think this is, for better or worse, the way books will work in the future, and if their numbers are any indication, a lot of people are finding this sort of flat-fee all-you-can-read service works for them. I look forward to seeing how their numbers look in year two!

Juli’s Note: As I’m sure readers of TeleRead know, I’m personally a big fan of both eBook subscriptions services in general and in Scribd in particular. The service has certainly made changes in how I read.

Update: Nate at The Digital Reader emailed me to point out that technically, the anniversary isn’t until October 1. Maybe they were so excited by the numbers that they couldn’t wait?


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