FeedlyThe bloom is officially off the Feedly rose for me: I woke up this morning to a second day of “over capacity” error messages when I tried to access my feeds. I couldn’t get in to anything!

And I still can’t.

I did yesterday’s Morning Roundup by manually typing the URLs of my regular blogs to see what was happening, but it wasn’t the same: there was no list of as-year-unread stories, no way to mark off the ones I’d already seen, and of course I couldn’t remember every blog I visit, off-hand.

I guess my first task when Feedly is eventually back will be to export my feed list out somehow, so that if there are further outages, I can at least read my stuff…

This VentureBeat article suggests that the problem is a code change Google made just before the shutdown, and says it has submitted an as-yet-unposted fix to Apple. Android users are allegedly still OK to access it. But when I’m working, I use the Web version of Feedly, and I’m getting the error message there, too.

Here’s hoping Feedly gets this fixed super-fast. Frankly, I’m surprised at how crippled I feel without my feeds—I use them for so many things and I really am hampered by not being able to access them. I hadn’t considered methods for backing them up; I will now.

But first, Feedly has to fix the problem so I can get back in.