lack of ebook ownershipEvery Award-Winning Book Sucks (for Someone) (John Scalzi)
As part of my occasional and hopefully instructive series of entries in which I try to make the point to writers that negative reviews are part of the territory and ultimately not something to get too worked up about or to let scar one’s psyche, I would like to present you excerpts of one star Amazon reviews of every single Hugo-winning novel of the last ten years.

Understanding the Lack of Ownership with Digital Comics and eBooks (GoodeReader)
When it comes to eBooks and digital comics the entire situation is more convoluted, 99% of the time you do not own the book you purchased, you are merely licensing it.

Bread & Roses (Hugh Howey)
These publishing partners can be great facilitators or they can be great abusers, and it should be the job of the Authors Guild to ensure which. Just as it should be a union’s job to make sure factory and retail don’t harm the transfer of labor to the consumer.

New Email Promises a Refund for Ex-Fictionwise Customers (The Digital Reader)
Have you gotten an email from a company called Penchecks, promising a refund for a Fictionwise store credit club membership? I just got one in my inbox this morning, and I’m pretty sure it’s legit.

Kindle Daily Deals: Top-Rated Books (and others)

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