Snugg Executive iPad Case with Card SlotsI have been looking for an iPad case with pockets for some time. I go to many meetings during the week where I want my iPad and perhaps a credit card and driver’s license, but I don’t want to carry my messenger bag. An iPad case with a few pockets would do it.

When the folks at Snugg asked me to review the [easyazon-link asin=”B009K2PPMC” locale=”us”]Snugg Executive iPad Case with Card Slots[/easyazon-link], I jumped on it. It’s been almost a week now, and so far it’s perfect. (Yes, I did opt for the electric blue case pictured. I was tired of black.)

Last year, I reviewed a similar case by Snugg, but without pockets. Apart from the pockets, there’s a big difference. My complaint with the other case involved the strength of the magnets. They are weaker in the pocket-less case, which leads to intermittent function of the auto sleep/wake function. The magnets are stronger on this case, and the sleep/wake has been flawless.

It is made of synthetic leather, but I noticed little odor when I took it out of the packaging, and even that smell faded quickly.

The case covers the bezel, and if you don’t like that style, you probably won’t like this case. It’s quite a bit bulkier than the Apple Smart Case, but I like the display angle better, and I find the Snugg case more comfortable for reading.

The case comes with a hand strap which I’ve never used. When I mentioned the case to a client, the hand strap was a selling point for him. Tastes vary. It’s not in my way, so I ignore it.

There are four pockets on the front flap. Three of credit card size and one which is about half the width of the case and as long. The large pocket is big enough for a small brochure or passport. I use it for checks and a deposit slip when I’m running past the bank on my way home from a meeting.

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Although there are three credit card slots, I’ve only been able to use two of them, the top and bottom. The middle one overlaps the other two, making it difficult to get a card into that slot. Note that the cover does not lie completely flat when you have cards inserted, but it’s not enough to be a problem. (It’s more noticeable “in person” than in the picture.)

When you have the case propped in the more upright position, the cards will be on the bottom and not visible. However, if you use the other position, the cards will be visible. You might want to keep that in mind if you’re using the case in a public place.

Overall, I like the case, and it’s become my new primary case. Both my iPad and my iPhone are currently in Snugg cases, so obviously I’m a fan. :)

One caveat. A certain kitten thinks the case, when propped up, is a fun tunnel toy, and the synthetic leather shows the marks of kitten claws clearly and quickly. Something to keep in mind, if you’re a cat person. My dog has no opinion on the case and doesn’t understand all the fuss.

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    • @Chris, another Snugg user! Curious, do you ever use the hand strap? I had a similar Moko case for my old Nexus 7, and I tried it, but the hand strap cut off my circulation in just a few seconds. My hands are tiny, so I figure if I found it uncomfortable, people with normal-to-large size hands would be miserable. The iPad version doesn’t cut off circulation, but it’s badly position for my tiny hands on the larger device.

      • I use it from time to time, not hugely. I used the one on my Nook HD case more, because it has an elastic strap on it that can be used to secure the cover/handle to the other half of the case so it doesn’t flop around if you’re using it one-handed. But such a thing would be in the way of the front camera hole on the Snugg Nexus case.

        Apart from that, the only major annoyance I have with it is that if I want to take a picture from the front camera, I have to hold the cover out in the middle of nowhere so it’s not in front of the hole.

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