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The email publication, Shelf Awareness, is starting to do book review issues.  Here’s what they say:

We are so pleased to present the first issue of Shelf Awareness: Enlightenment for Readers. This new version of “The Shelf,” a publication beloved by booksellers, librarians and publishing industry insiders, is targeted at readers–and really, if you’re in the book business, you’re a reader, too. That’s why we’re sending this to you, our faithful subscribers. You’re some of the most avid readers we know.

Like Shelf Awareness: Daily Enlightenment for the Book Trade, this newsletter is free–and that means you can  share it with the other readers in your life, from family to friends to colleagues. The only thing required for a subscription is a valid e-mail address. We also have a nifty app for signing up that you can share, too.

What you’ll get: a newsletter delivered to your e-mail inbox twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays by noon Eastern time. (Today, we’re so excited we’re sending it out slightly early.) In it will be a dozen or so book reviews, along with some content from the daily version of Shelf Awareness that will boost your reading IQ, new consumer-focused content like “Book Candy” and more readerly goodies. 

Take a moment to skim through all of the reviews. Each week we will share the 25 best books available to you right now, chosen by our industry insiders, including reviews editor Marilyn Dahl and children’s editor Jennifer M. Brown. You’ll see that not only have we expanded the number of books we’re covering; we’ve also expanded the kinds of books we’re covering. You’ll find literary fiction, commercial fiction, biographies and memoirs, cookbooks, YA novels, children’s books and more. Our terrific corps of reviewers includes booksellers, critics, librarians and authors. In each issue we’ll also feature a “Starred Review,” highlighting an especially worthy title.

You can sign up here.


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