There are evidently a number of problems with the new Vox tablet just released by Kobo.  GoodEReader has an article about them and how to get around some of them.  It covers:

charging and power issues

removing bloatware

Kobo server errors on Library

no way to browse files or content copied to the Vox

can’t find apps

user manual glitsched

YouTube videos not working

tablet upgrade errors, and more.

The article goes on to say:

Kobo has a track record of rushing devices to the market quickly and this results in many bugs with the firmware and device. The company has a great development team and normally issues a copious amount of firmware updates to resolve any problems. The Kobo Touch has only been on the market a few months and has already received 5 major updates that dramatically increases the functionality. The one cool thing about Canadian based Kobo is that they really listen to their users and the community. Often people will request features and they will be incorporated into the next build.

Many  users are asking us via email and in comments on our reviews of the Vox if they should return it. It is a matter of perspective, it just hit the market and they should fix most of the major problems in short order. There is no getting around the the 512 MB of RAM and 800 MHZ single core processor. There are faster and more robust devices in the market right now but the Vox is a great device for international users. I would suggest to exercise a bit of patience with this new gadget and wait for some updates to fix some problems.

Much more in the article.


  1. I am a big Kobo fan, and a bit of a techie. Some of the issues are definitely real–for example, YouTube does not work well. Video is fine, but YouTube is definitely wonky. I don’t worry about that kind of thing as it will no doubt be fixed quickly.

    Many of the other issues are related to problems new Android users encounter as they learn their way around their first Android powered device. For example, the installation of a file manager app makes browsing files very easy. It’s the way things like this are done on Android devices. Kobo probably should have included one out of the box.

    I bought the Vox as a “reader with benefits”, more than as a cheap iPAD replacement. I took some time to install apps I wanted (all of which, other than some apps by Google itself, were readily available from alternative app stores). I learned how to use the installed email program to use my Gmail and Google apps accounts from a thread on Mobile Read, and I was good to go.

    It’s actually more functional now than I thought it would be. There are problems, but like the article says, Kobo has an amazing development team, so I am confident that these things will be ironed out. Since Canadians are not going to get a functional Fire or the Nook anytime soon, it is a great choice. Btw, the screen on the Vox really is usable outside, as long as you turn down the brightness manually. That alone sets it apart from other devices.

  2. @Vicki Fox Smith How do you get Google Books app to work. I downloaded it but it does nothing when I want to add my account. Any suggestions? Also, the Sony app downloads but won’t recognize my email or password. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. BTW, I live in Canada so cannot access the Amazon Appstore.

  3. The Kobo Vox is a pretty cool device — full colour backlit ereader for $70 more than the Kobo Touch. Some users may try to turn it into a tablet but the specs don’t support that: it is an open Android 2.3.3 entry level device (single core 800 MHz processor). It is notable that the device is being sold in the ereader section of Best Buy, not in with the tablets.

    Having said that, the screen is gorgeous, the device is remarkably snappy in web browsing (esp. if you install Opera Mobile), the battery time is good, the wifi efficient. Best of all, as an ereader, it syncs in real time nicely with other Kobo devices or devices with Kobo apps installed.

  4. I bought the Vox and got it 15 days later, which wasnt too good…
    Then had some issues with Adobe sync, which didnt work and the Vox reader reading only kobo files.
    That was a bit irritating , but resolved by manually placing the ebooks on the unit and downloading the free Aldiko ereader software.
    The software is great and allows to read epub drm books too.
    so now, after a bit of prob solving, enjoying a great ebook as well as simple tablet for $199! Not bad 🙂

  5. I just received my Kobo Vox yesterday, and charged it and started using it was great, until I unplugged it and it only works when plugged in, Touch screen doesn’t work at all when unplugged in, called Kobo and they said to return it.

  6. I have had Kobo touch since June and up until yesterday< I was very pleased. However, yesterday my ereader froze and nothing would correct it, would not even reset. I made two calls to their customer service line and it was very painful experience all they did was to send me an email saying the matter was sent up the to another group. Could not get a firm timeline as to when I would get assistance. 24 hrs later and still no assistance. I am rethinking Kobo!!!

  7. VOX SUCKs. Took 15 minutes to load the first update………way too long, then, after I had downloaded everything I needed to go, it wouldn’t turn back on after a few days. Then, when it finally would turn on, it did a hard reboot to factory settings. I lost everything. I did nothing wrong! It is a piece of crap. They rushed it to market for Christmas with no apologies. I want the AMAZON KINDLE TO COME TO CANADA so I can use it at my library. Enough is enough.

  8. Hardware:

    First device, Dead after charge (blinking green death) after 6 weeks. 8 days to get an RMA and replacement, which is great.
    Replacement unit has faulty screen that keeps lifting, now trying to get that one replaced also.


    Slow processor, poor screen quality, horrendous battery performance, embarrassing choice for ‘charger’ solution.
    Audio output DAC is terrible. Popping noises and power on / off constantly appears in audio output through headphone jack. Audio audible from speaker when unit powered on, even if no audio is playing. Truly embarrassing.

    For 80$ more, buy an ASUS Google Nexus 7. That’s a tablet done right. The Kobo VOX is a complete joke.

    For the record, I also own a Kobo, Kobo Touch, iPhones, iPods, Android Phones… The VOX is an embarrassing piece of technology.

  9. When battery gets low my vox resets its self to new user status this has just happened again on vacation with no wifi i couldn’t go through the set up for the fourth time.therfour i think the vox is a heap of pooh…….

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