reading routinesA link in today’s morning roundup featured a great quote from productivity guru Merlin Mann—“Don’t just play with your phone. Go out and produce something.” It spoke to me because one of my goals for the year is to spend less time goofing around on my phone playing Temple Run, and more time reading, writing and doing useful (and satisfying) things. I’ve tried to structure my downtime a little more efficiently lately, and I’ve actually gotten into a pretty good groove with my reading routines. I love hearing about what and how other people read, too. I’ll share mine. Feel free to comment and share yours.

1) Morning Commute

This is my first ‘downtime’ of the day and I typically use it to catch up on my RSS news feeds. I write the morning links post when I get to work, so I bookmark the articles I want to keep while I’m on the bus. I take three busses, but for very short distances, so I don’t have time to get into something complex. Skimming through the night’s Feedly accumulation is the perfect task at this hour.

2) Lunchtime

We have an hour for lunch, but half of it is usually taken up with supervision duties. I try and eat with a few co-workers and have a break when I can, but there are two days where my duties occur during the first half of lunch and I have to eat on my own later. On those days, I usually read the paper while I eat. There is often one in the staffroom lying around!

3) Evening Commute

I take a different route in the evenings because I can get a bus which takes me right home, but that often involves a 15-minute wait at the subway. So I’ve loaded the book of daily essays I’m reading onto my iBooks app and usually read that. I’ve found that e-ink has spoiled me a little and I don’t love reading for much longer than that on my super-bright phone, and I also get a little queasy reading on a moving bus for much longer than that. With that said, I am enjoying having this daily small reading task, and this is a perfect time to fit it in. I allow myself to play for the rest of the ride home if I want to!

4) Evening

This is my main reading time. On a perfect day, I have a few minutes to unwind and read a chapter or two before I start my ‘chores’ (making dinner and getting in a workout). Then I split my night between writing stuff, a little more reading and any other little projects I’m working on, before tucking in with the Beloved for some Netflix time before bed. Sometimes, he’s more tired than I am. If he calls it a night before ten or so, I’ll go back out into the living room, tuck with my Kobo and a blanket and read for another half hour or so.

And there we have it! A typical reading day in my life. How about you?