polar vortexHas anybody else been freezing this week?

Thanks to the ‘Polar Vortex,’ which I had never heard about until this winter, we’ve been spending the last week shivering indoors. Regulations prohibit taking the kids at school outside if it’s colder than -20 C (-4 F) and we’ve hit that benchmark more than once in the past few school days.

Yesterday, we took them out for the first time, and my internal thermometer didn’t completely recover from the jolt. I arrived home shivering, and when even my usual cosy fleece didn’t help, I broke out the spare comforter and made myself a little fort on the couch.

I wanted a picture, but the Beloved wouldn’t take one because he was sure I was being ridiculous. But it was eBooks for the win, all the way—even my e-ink reader now has a light on it, which means I can read at my leisure, even from underneath a fort of blankets.

All hail technology, the saviour of the blanket fort!

Image by Enokson under a Creative Commons license.