reading resolutionsIt is that time of year again—resolution time! For me, it’s the same few goals I set every year: lose weight, eat more vegetables, try not to worry so much and read more books! But…what kind of books?

A spate of Goodreads friends have been posting ‘reading resolutions’ for the new year. Here are mine!

1) Read 100 books. I set a goal of 50 last year and fell just shy; I am hoping a loftier goal will inspire me to spend less tablet time goofing around with Temple Run and Drop 7 and more time reading!

2) Do a thematic reading project. I was inspired in this one by recently going through my grandfather’s large, but thematically simple book collection. His many volumes were all on the same few topics—tools, jokes, local history etc. I want to do some reading that is less random and will allow me to learn a lot about one subject. To that end, I plan to make a collection of Jewish-themed books on my Kobo and aim to read at least one of them every month.

3) Read another book of daily essays—and finish it this time! Last year, I plowed my way through a wonderful book called Simple Abundance, which featured an inspiring essay for every day of the year. I greatly enjoyed it, but toward the end I fell behind and had to binge-read to finish it. I want to read another daily essay book thus year, and stay caught up! In keeping with my Year of Reading Jewishly, I have chosen The Book of Jewish Values by Joseph Telushkin.

4) Read more French. This is like taking my medicine, alas. I resolve to every year and never seem to. What I need to do is stockpile these like I did the Jewish books, then pick one a month and just do it.

5) Spend less money. I resolve to do this every year as well, but unlike my other annual attempts, I succeed at this one; my spending has decreased every year. What I plan to do for 2014 is simply this: see how long I can go before I buy something. The beauty of ebooks is they won’t run out of stock. So if something catches my eye I can simply wish list it. It will be there later.

So, those are my reading goals for 2014. How about you?